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EDITORIAL: Cincinnati Leaders Should Implement a PAYT Waste Management System

Implementing a Pay As You Throw waste management system would improve the city’s environment, balance its budget and give residents and businesses greater flexibility in terms of their trash collection.

Cincinnati Expects New Semi-Automated Trash Collection System to Save Money, Prevent Injuries

The City of Cincinnati will phase in a new system of trash collection, over the next few months, that city officials believe will ultimately save taxpayer money, increase worker safety and improve its trash collection efficiency.

EcoSculpt on Fountain Square installs today

For the second year in a row, Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) has commissioned EcoSculpt on Fountain Square. To celebrate Earth Day in...

Cincinnati wins $5,000 first-place prize in national recycling contest

Cincinnati has won the American Recycler Video Award and the $5,000 first-place prize that goes along with it for the City’s recycling efforts. The...

Little by Little, Cincinnati Improves Recycling Program

Last week the city of Cincinnati announced changes to its current curbside recycling program. Members of City Council, Mayor Mallory and representatives from Rumpke...