PHOTOS: Cincinnati’s Bold Net-Zero Energy Police District Headquarters

Last July the City of Cincinnati opened its first new police station in more than 20 years. Aside from updating and expanding the previous offerings inside a  107-year-old building, the new facility also aimed to create a new community gathering place for the city’s most populous neighborhood, while also achieving net-zero energy consumption.

The 36,000-square-foot facility was built for Cincinnati Police Department’s District 3, which serves 14 west side neighborhoods and some 95,000 residents. The $16 million landmark includes 40 geothermal wells, a 330-kilowatt solar panel system, and high-tech energy zones inside the building for system optimization.

Such investments have resulted in a LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, the organization’s highest rating, and an energy usage coming in 20% lower than what was originally estimated for the environmentally sound building.

While the District 3 Headquarters is one of America’s most sustainable police stations, it is part of a growing trend where environmentally and economically conscience cities are looking to both reducing their carbon footprint, while also aiding their budgets through lower utility costs.

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EDITORIAL NOTE: All 13 photographs were taken by Eric Anspach on March 17, 2016.

  • Ollie Kroner

    District 3 Police Station will be having an open house to show off the LEED Platinum, net-zero design April 18th.

  • charles ross

    It’s a slick looking building out in front of the Wal-mart – I was taken aback to see it there. A new police station is not something I recall ever seeing in Cincinnati.

    • Absolutely. I am really happy with the location they picked for this. By building on this out lot it really improves the streetscape and makes the area have more of a sense of place than it did before. This is especially nice because it is just a stone’s throw from the Covedale business district, which is quite lovely.