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VIDEO: New Views of Ohio River Opened Up with Latest Excavation Work at Smale...

Lots of visual progress has been made on Cincinnati's $120 million Smale Riverfront Park over the past few months, and park officials are now marketing the special event space in the Anderson Pavilion.

Just how valuable are America’s iconic urban parks?

Just how valuable are America's iconic urban parks?. We all value and love parks, especially iconic ones like New York's Central Park or Atlanta's Piedmont...

APA14: Atlanta and Its Evolving Relationship with Urbanism

For an urbanist, Atlanta at first glance is a conundrum. Subway stations that seem to feed park and rides, buildings that barely front the street and streets with no crosswalks where pedestrians play a dangerous game of Frogger just to cross to the other side are all typical occurrences in the city.

Cincinnati Aims to Break Ground on Next Phase of Ohio River Trail in June...

City officials are making progress on the Ohio River Trail, but the next 2.2-mile segment, along Kellogg Avenue, will not even break ground until June 2017.

Smale Riverfront Park Awarded $12.5M in Additional Public Funding

Construction work on Smale Riverfront Park will pick up steam this year thanks to $12.5 million in new public funding for the project.