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EXCLUSIVE: Donald Shoup Talks Parking Policy, OTR Permit Fees With UrbanCincy

Ahead of Dr. Donald Shoup's special lecture at the Mercantile Library, he took some time to discuss the local parking issues facing Cincinnati with UrbanCincy's John Yung.

EDITORIAL: Eight-Point Plan for Fixing Cincinnati’s Broken Parking System

Since 2010, UrbanCincy has been calling for reforms to fix Cincinnati's parking system finances. Considering all the recent changes, we lay out an 8 point plan to upgrade the system and stabilize its finances.

Episode #27: Election 2013 Wrap-Up

City council candidate Mike Moroski joins us to discuss the outcome of the November 5th election; why voter turnout was so low; and which issues motivated voters to actually show up at the polls.