Art by Erikyasha

I thought I would mix things up a little bit and plug a local artist. Erikyasha has a variety of techniques and styles, but tends to use mechanical pencils, Faber Castel pens, Copic markers, and then takes his pieces into Photoshop and further toys with them.

He definitely has an interesting style that is fun and enjoyable. Check it out…it’s definitely worth a browse through the gallery.

Image Credit:
Rock and or Roll by Erikyasha

SoHo of the Midwest?

I wasn’t able to attend the recent Cincy bloggers tour of the Gateway Quarter, but I’ve got some thoughts on the things happening in OTR nonetheless. 3CDC is making tremendous progress on its projects, and there are a stream of other investments that are complimenting these investments by 3CDC (see Washington Park, SCPA, Cincinnati Arts Academy, Main Street businesses, etc).

When you then think about the even greater potential, for private investment, that will be made possible by the Cincinnati Streetcar…it could really make you weak in the knees. I understand the issue of gentrification and/or displacement and it is certainly an issue that will have to be addressed as these efforts continue, but right now there is PLENTY of room for everyone to coexist.

I look at OTR and see that often talked about potential for Cincinnati. This is a neighborhood/built environment that VERY few cities can match…anywhere! When I see the things going on in the Gateway Quarter I can’t help but think of OTR becoming the SoHo of the Midwest. This is an opportunity for Cincinnati to be a major draw for YPs, the creative class, and new businesses. If ever the opportunity has existed…it is now. Cincinnati stand strong, this is your time!

So what do think should become of OTR? Do you see the SoHo that I see…or something else, please share your thoughts.

The rendering is of the proposed new infill (by 3CDC) called Trinity Flats on Vine Street. You can see images of the structures that were taken down HERE.


In the moment at the CAC

The Contemporary Arts Center is one of those special gems in Cincinnati. It showcases brilliant works of art, and is in what is considered, “…the most important American building to be built since the end of the Cold War.” In addition to the museum’s already great exhibits that include Julian Stanczak, Graphic Content, and Odili Donald Odita: FLOW there are some new ones that are opening soon that should be a real treat.

Piece from Daniel Libeskind: Blurring Lines exhibit

Space is the Place (2/2 – 4/13) features an international selection of recent works on the theme of space exploration-its history, limitations, and potential. LeWitt x 2 (2/23 – 5/4) will exhibit Sol LeWitt: Structure and Line, featuring the work of this esteemed American artist over the course of his long and prolific career. And finally is the one that I most look forward to – Daniel Libeskind: Blurring Lines (2/23 – 5/11) will display models, drawings and multimedia displays that will break down the key themes that Libeskind uses in his architecture.

Something to note is that members, of the CAC, get free admission and sneak previews of the exhibits. These previews often times include the primary artist along with the customary sampling of wine and other assortments.


Great Local Music in Cincy Right Now

Right now the Cincinnati music scene is producing some great bands. I thought I would share a few of my favorites

Heartless Bastards:
-probably our number one musical export right now (maybe Over the Rhine); played Lollapalooza
Seedy Seeds:
-the Mates of State only happier
-Melodic Phrasing, major key tonality and vocal duets
and a random person I discovered today
Ann Driscoll:
-she has a campy Vic Wulsin publicity stunt song, but the rest of her stuff is pretty good.

Valentine’s Day UrbanCincy style

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s probably best that you are prepared for the “big day.” You’re in luck, because UrbanCincy has the perfect evening for you. May we recommend a trip to the Ensemble Theatre…it is a very intimate theatre that hosts great productions and will be something unique and fun to do with your significant other. Mary’s Wedding by Stephan Massicotte (Feb 6-24) will be going on during the Valentine’s time-frame and should definitely make for a romantic evening.

You could make a night of it by grabbing some of the city’s best Italian at Nicola’s just a few blocks away. Take a lovely stroll from dinner to the show…If dinner gets out a little early you could always do some browsing through the many great businesses in the Gateway Quarter.

After the show, take a stroll down to Lytle Park and take in the night with that special person.