Great Local Music in Cincy Right Now

Right now the Cincinnati music scene is producing some great bands. I thought I would share a few of my favorites

Heartless Bastards:
-probably our number one musical export right now (maybe Over the Rhine); played Lollapalooza
Seedy Seeds:
-the Mates of State only happier
-Melodic Phrasing, major key tonality and vocal duets
and a random person I discovered today
Ann Driscoll:
-she has a campy Vic Wulsin publicity stunt song, but the rest of her stuff is pretty good.

Valentine’s Day UrbanCincy style

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s probably best that you are prepared for the “big day.” You’re in luck, because UrbanCincy has the perfect evening for you. May we recommend a trip to the Ensemble Theatre…it is a very intimate theatre that hosts great productions and will be something unique and fun to do with your significant other. Mary’s Wedding by Stephan Massicotte (Feb 6-24) will be going on during the Valentine’s time-frame and should definitely make for a romantic evening.

You could make a night of it by grabbing some of the city’s best Italian at Nicola’s just a few blocks away. Take a lovely stroll from dinner to the show…If dinner gets out a little early you could always do some browsing through the many great businesses in the Gateway Quarter.

After the show, take a stroll down to Lytle Park and take in the night with that special person.


Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati: Review

The girlfriend and I took in a show at the Ensemble Theatre on Friday. Now I’ve been to a couple of theatres in NYC (both Broadway and off-Broadway)…I’ve also been to multiple shows at the Aronoff and other various venues (ie CCM). With that said I must say that this was one of my favorite venues.

The ETC offers a fantastic view from every seat(about 200 or so by my estimations), and also has surprisingly good acoustics for that space. What makes the venue even better is the building itself…it is a gem and has all sorts of architectural details for you to enjoy (if you’re in to that sort of thing).

As for the show we saw ‘Rabbit Hole’ which is the winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Best New Play and a Tony Award-winning drama. The show was great and the seats were full…at the end the audience gave a standing ovation for the great performance. The ETC is a great theatre that has a strong history and is nationally known.

I highly recommend a visit to the ETC. It is a good alternative to the movies and the show lets out with plenty of time to go out drinking afterwards. The ETC offers student discounts, as well as, senior discounts. You can now also buy tickets online…and if you want to see ‘Rabbit Hole’ then you better hurry because its time runs up this Sunday.