Backstage Entertainment District getting all dolled up

The Backstage Entertainment District may or may not be something you're all that familiar with. In a nutshell, it is the area surrounding...

PHOTOS: Building Boom Changing the Face of Uptown Neighborhoods

While the construction activities taking place in OTR and Downtown often grab the headlines, it is actually the city's uptown neighborhoods where some of the most dramatic construction progress is taking place.

Smale Riverfront Park to feature 1,000-foot boat dock

Dave Prather delivers yet another update on the construction progress at the Smale Riverfront Park. In this update he takes a look at now open elements, and details the final work taking place before the grand opening scheduled for May 18.

Clifton Plaza moving forward

The Bender Optical site on Ludlow Avenue, which is jointly owned by Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) and the Clifton Business and Professional Association, is...

Cincinnati Bringing Neighborhood Enhancement Program to Lower Price Hill, Mt. Auburn

The City of Cincinnati has announced that it will take its award-winning Neighborhood Enhancement Program to Lower Price Hill and Mt. Auburn this year.