Cincinnati misses huge marketing opportunity with Western & Southern Open

Earlier this year, Lonely Planet decided to call Cincinnati the third best travel destination of 2012, and local agencies have been trying to capitalize on that mention ever since. Unfortunately, while millions of eyes are on Cincinnati during the Western & Southern Open, the region fails to deliver the message.

Is Cincy RedBike America’s Most Financially Successful Bike-Share System?

For the first time since it launched nearly two years ago, Red Bike has released its financial details. While other bike-share systems around the country have struggled financially, Red Bike appears to be bucking the trend.

EDITORIAL: Parking Requirement Removal Should Be First Step In Broader Reform

Six years since the concept was first introduced at City Hall, the City of Cincinnati is planning to move forward with removing on-street parking requirements in the city's urban core. This could be a huge step forward towards reinvigorating parts of downtown.

Cincinnati’s urban Kroger stores face a unique design opportunity

The Kroger Company has long ignored its most valuable asset- the small store located less than 5 blocks from its downtown headquarters. How can Kroger cash in on an urban market?

Parking mandates stymy development in Cincinnati’s urban neighborhoods

Public policy surrounding parking has not changed much since mandates were originally developed through zoning codes decades ago. Those minimum parking requirements now not only appear to be outdated, but also hurting small businesses wanting to invest in urban neighborhoods across America.