Get involved on Fountain Square

With the regular programming of events, on Fountain Square, there is a need for volunteers to help staff these events. This has been all well and good…and more than likely you’ve seen these volunteers serving up beer, soda, treats, and ushering people around for various events.

The Square has really been coming into its own and the surrounding area has also been improving with new restaurants, stores, and entertainment. Add in some of the typical big Summer events and you have a slammed Fountain Square almost all the time.

This is creating the need for more volunteers to keep all these events functioning as best they can. This Sunday alone they are expecting around 6,000 people to come out and enjoy the weekly Smooth Sunday concert on the Square. On top of that you know it’s going to be packed for Saturday Night at the Movies (this week featuring Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius & Batman Begins).

If you’re looking for some service hours at school, a unique social experience, maybe some cash (I made some good tips serving beer before a Reds game in a matter of 2.5 hours), or even the excuse to just hang out on the Square with some great entertainment then this is for you. You can sign up to be a Fountain Square Volunteer, or you can offer your time for immediate needs at events like the Sunday evening concerts.

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By Randy A. Simes

Randy is an award-winning urban planner who founded UrbanCincy in May 2007. He grew up on Cincinnati’s west side in Covedale, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s nationally acclaimed School of Planning in June 2009. In addition to maintaining ownership and serving as the managing editor for UrbanCincy, Randy has worked professionally as a planning consultant throughout the United States, Korea and the Middle East. After brief stints in Atlanta and Chicago, he currently lives in the Daechi neighborhood of Seoul’s Gangnam district.