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Candidates’ Forum to Focus on Historic Presevation, Urban Planning Topics

Fourteen City Council and two Mayoral candidates will discuss historic preservation and related urban planning issues at Memorial Hall on September 19th.

PHOTOS: 16 Panorama Showing Over-the-Rhine’s Evolution

A number of new developments have recently kicked off around the neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine, including two theaters, office space, townhomes, condos, and a boutique hotel.

Episode #53: Owner-Occupied OTR

Today's podcast features the stories of four building rehabs taking place in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The owners share information about financing, historic district regulations, LEED certification, and more,

Episode #38: Seoul

Randy Simes and Yoonsun Chang tell us about the large scale of growth that Seoul is experiencing, the urban form of new developments, the approach to historic preservation, and the transportation systems that enable the city to function.

Episode #21: Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns

Chuck Marohn, Executive Director of Strong Towns, joins us to discuss what goes into building a strong town, and how cities can make smarter investments instead of creating a "growth Ponzi scheme." We also discuss how concepts like “new urbanism” and “smart growth” could be better articulated to appeal to a broader audience.