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Month in Review – June 2014

UrbanCincy's most popular stories in June were clear signs of the progress being made in Cincinnati. While a modest number of new residents have been added...

Episode #35: CNU 22

On the 35th episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, John and Jocelyn join Travis to discuss their trip to the 22nd Annual Congress for the New...

CNU 22: Ken Greenberg Outlines Challenges to 21st Century Urbanism

In his opening plenary of the CNU, Ken Greenberg outlines the challenges cities face in the 21st century and argues that politicians and policy makers should embrace cities and build them right.

June URBANexchange Helps Kick Off World Cup 2014

URBANexchange returns to Taste of Belgium on Short Vine to help ring in the World Cup and talk about the new construction going on in Cincinnati's uptown area. We've also had some staff return from CNU who are anxious to talk about their adventures.

CNU Salons article highlights misconceptions about Cincinnati’s urban core

Cincinnati has seen a huge amount of positive press from New York Times, Next American City, and other outlets recently. Unfortunately, a blog post published by Congress for the New Urbanism ignores the progress made in Cincinnati and falls back on the same old misconceptions.