PHOTOS: Holidays in the City [Cincinnati]

It has been quite a year in Cincinnati and it’s easy to sometimes get caught up in all the drama and miss out on the everyday beauty around you. This has been particularly true in Cincinnati this holiday season, but we asked one of our favorite local photographers, Brian Spitzig, to go around and gather some photographs these past two months.

If his name sounds familiar, that might be because you are remembering when we featured two of Brian’s tilt-shift videos on UrbanCincy in February 2012 and March 2012.

After reaching out to Brian again he put together the following collection of 48 photographs from all over the city that capture it in its holiday splendor. If you like Brian’s photos as much as we do, then please follow him on Twitter @b_spitz and on Instagram @bspitz.

This will be our last post this year, but we hope you all had a very wonderful 2013 and wish you the best in the year to come. Enjoy!

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  • akaPatience

    Wow, I really enjoyed these beautiful photos. What a stunning tour of Cincinnati during the holiday season. Thanks so much for posting them!

  • CollegeHill_45224

    Great post. I’ve always loved this site.. If you, are anyone else knows how to upload pictures onto Wikipedia it would be nice of you to do so. Our page sucks compared to Cleveland and Columbus.

  • Jules Michael Rosen

    FYI: Your Over-the-Rhine shot is actually in Mt. Auburn.

  • Mike

    Great post and great shots of Cincinnati. Really shows just how beautiful and under-appreciated it is. I really do have to visit one of these days.