Tilt-shift take two at the University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati (UC) student Brian Spitzig noticed when we posted his first tilt-shift video of UC’s main campus several weeks ago, and said he was initially thrilled to get the exposure. Spitzig then told UrbanCincy in an email that he saw the comments and felt challenged to produce a better quality tilt-shift product.

“I read the feedback and knew it wasn’t a very high quality tilt-shift video.” Spitzig said. “I have studied a little bit more and practiced with new techniques.”

His follow-up video once again focuses on the University of Cincinnati’s internationally acclaimed campus, but this time he shifts the focus to new areas. Viewers now get perspectives of Calhoun Street, Campus Green, construction work for U Square at the Loop, UC Main Street, Nippert Stadium, McMicken Commons, Jefferson Street, the plaza outside of DAAP, and Varsity Village.

Spitzig says that he is working with a friend to find the best places to film around the city, but believes UC provides a perfect setting for filming videos of this nature due to its dynamic urban setting with easy access to buildings and high vantage points.

A Tiny Day at UC is a 2:51 video featuring music by Sigur Rós.

  • The first video here, I was a bit at a loss for words because it was so underwhelming. I am now equally at a loss for words, for this is such an awesome improvement.

  • subocincy

    A thoroughly engaging and enjoyable video!  I guess Cincinnati aficionados (and I’m SURE that includes everyone here) will have to apply the “chicken or the egg” theory as to what makes this video so watchable–i.e., do the attractive UC-centered environs make the photography look good or vice versa? (Or both?)  Needless to say, not only am I hoping that Brian Spitzig continues his forays into the campus area, but also extends his talents into the CBD.

  • very informative. i liked it

  • I agree with the other comments that this is a vast improvement.  But I have to question whether the tilt shift format is a good medium for the scale and complexity of the UC campus.  In video form it is drawn to movement which is understandable but still disappointing, given the dynamic architecture of UC which is hardly ever seen as underwhelming traffic takes forefront for the first 1:40.
    I know that such videos are not quick to redo but if the filmmaker were to revise again, i would first suggest exchanging the vantage point of the walk way across the “campus green” to actually capture the green.  This would involve facing toward the campus not out from it which happens a lot in the video.  Maybe set the camera up on top of the mound and shoot across the winding paths toward the point where the CRC almost meets Micheal Graves’s Engineering Buliding (ERC).  That would lead to a good transistion with a vantage point from the top of the University Avenue Parking Garage looking at the stream of people using walk in front of the ERC. 
    -I really enjoy the views in Nippert, and would love to see them paired with a view toward the CCM Pedestrian Circle not the weird traffic circle. 
    -The tilt shift effect might be more advantageous to the angle from the library towards the corner of Burnett Woods if the the angle was shifted to the left, pulling in the looming nature of a fuzzy Crosley tower and making the vehicular traffic blur some.
    -When it comes to the end of the video I was expecting the close of a day… indicated by the title. It would be great have the shot transition to night; shooting from an upper floor of ERC down/accross Library Plaza you could get the nautilis, skybridge, art stair, rooftop quad (Zimmer garden), skylights and art “trees” which glow at night.  It would make a nice transition shot into your credits. Or another possibility would be a shot from Calhoun as the CCM skylights light up, and the two Towers turn on at dusk (McMicken & Tangeman). You would actually need to be lower (first 8 floors of Calhoun) to get the shot.
    – A matching beginning could be made as to include morning shots which could focus on the bottom floors of dorms (probably the Jefferson Complex or Daniels) showing the slow trickle of students out in the morning. Or your “campus green” shots could be at sunrise, with your ERC shot showing everyone headed to class.

    In all I wanted to see more of the campus, and to be taken through more of a “day.”

  • I just don’t understand UrbanCincy’s obsession with tilt shift. What is this, the third post on the subject?