New tilt-shift video captures University of Cincinnati’s award-winning campus

While tilt-shift photography has started to take root in Cincinnati, tilt-shift videography has yet to really take off. That is until now.

Brian Spitzig has produced a tilt-shift video showcasing the uptown campus of the University of Cincinnati. The two-minute video takes viewers all over the university’s main campus, and highlights some of its immediate surroudings including Corryville and Clifton.

The most dynamic parts of the video show off the university’s internationally acclaimed campus features – most notably Main Street (1:15) and McMicken Commons (1:28). The short video is set to Coldplay’s Paradise which has its chorus play triumphantly over these dynamic scenes of campus life at the University of Cincinnati.

Most notably absent from the University of Cincinnati Tilt-Shift video were any scenes from Campus Green, the College Conservatory of Music, Herman Schneider Quad, or the campus’ southern Clifton Heights border.

  • I want to be incredibly supportive of anything University of Cincinnati, proudly cincy to the core… but even the two shots you referenced are pretty poor examples of “tilt-shift” technology. I’d like to see this guy do a second version, still the camera, watch some precedents on tilt-shifts that are more effective in making the scene look toy like, get some more dynamic shots

    • I agree. This is definitely not a great example of quality tilt-shift videography, but I thought it was interesting to share nonetheless. I felt the video was a bit too choppy, and focused on somewhat odd subject matter overall.

      What I would love to see is someone else put together a tilt-shift video of Cincinnati. The challenge has been thrown down.

    • I defer the challenge and second it.

  • That’s one of the worst tilt shift videos that I’ve come across. and why is the music cranked up to 11?

  • Well, I’m glad the existing comments reflect how I felt when I watched this, because I was really reserved about posting anything negative. That was really painful to watch.

  • Tilt shift photography has some great potential but I gotta agree with Marshal and Chas. Heck, I will lend this man my tripod if he wants to give it a second try…

    A video like this (below) on the other hand appears to be professionally done, incorporates time-lapse successfully, and features some iconic “macro scenes” of Cincinnati

    Apply that same steadiness, plus the tilt-shift factor, to UC’s campus and I think you’d have a real winner

    • I’ve seen this video you linked to as well. It is really well done and I plan to feature it on the site in the near future. I would really love to see a high quality tilt-shift video of Cincinnati though. Timelapses can be found all over the place.

  • I was with Brian when he filmed this. He was using his iphone tiltshift app which explains why the quality to mediocre. He’s been experimenting with different techniques and does plan on making another one. This was one of his first attempts at tilts shift and I’m sure the quality will improve.