While tilt-shift photography has started to take root in Cincinnati, tilt-shift videography has yet to really take off. That is until now.

Brian Spitzig has produced a tilt-shift video showcasing the uptown campus of the University of Cincinnati. The two-minute video takes viewers all over the university’s main campus, and highlights some of its immediate surroudings including Corryville and Clifton.

The most dynamic parts of the video show off the university’s internationally acclaimed campus features – most notably Main Street (1:15) and McMicken Commons (1:28). The short video is set to Coldplay’s Paradise which has its chorus play triumphantly over these dynamic scenes of campus life at the University of Cincinnati.

Most notably absent from the University of Cincinnati Tilt-Shift video were any scenes from Campus Green, the College Conservatory of Music, Herman Schneider Quad, or the campus’ southern Clifton Heights border.