The people want the parks, and lots of ’em

In no surprise to anyone, it turns out that people like to live near parks and that they want lots of parks from which to choose. Well then, which cities invest the most and have the best park options for their current and potential residents? Not Cincinnati, technically, but the Queen City does invest more in its park system than most. More from City Parks Blog:

Large amounts of parkland in cities is important, but equally vital is to have parks which are nearby and easily accessible to residents, according to the latest report by The Trust for Public Land. In seven of the nation’s largest cities — New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. — nine out of 10 residents live within a one-half mile walk to a park, according to the report.

The absolute amount of urban parkland is also significant, and among the cities with the largest park acreage are Jacksonville, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles. But some cities, even those with a lot of parkland, are not laid out so that the land is well-located for residents’ easy access. These places include Charlotte, Jacksonville, Louisville, and Indianapolis.

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  • BathtubGin

    Cincinnati is listed in the article as being one of the cities which invests the most. Why do you say “not Cincinnati”?

    “Spending on parks: leaders include Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, Cincinnati and Minneapolis”

    • I said that because while Cincinnati spends in the top five nationally, it does not rank in the top five nationally in any other category (amount of parkland, amount of visitors, per capita parkland, dog parks, skateboard parks, ball diamonds, etc.).