The UrbanCincy Podcast

Episode #27: Election 2013 Wrap-Up

Cincinnati-Parking-MeterOn the 27th episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, we’re joined by former city council candidate Mike Moroski to discuss the outcome of the November 5th election. We also speculate on why voter turnout was so low and which issues motivated voters to actually show up at the polls.

Month in Review

Month in Review – August 2013

During the month of August, UrbanCincy covered several new developments and events in the city’s urban core. We also published two editorials that generated much response from our readers and the local community. Our  top 5 most popular stories for August 2013 were:

    1. Final Designs Revealed for $125M Dunnhumby Centre Tower
      The long-awaited renderings for the Dunnhumby Centre at Fifth and Race have been released.
    2. It’s Time to Consolidate Local Governments in Hamilton County
      This editorial by Randy Simes has generated over 100 comments on UrbanCincy. Randy was also invited onto 700 WLW to discuss the idea with Scott Sloan, and the Cincinnati Business Courier also provided their own analysis of the idea.
    3. Over-the-Rhine Impresses More Than 30,000 Spectators for LumenoCity
      Paige Malott and John Yung provide photos from the event that attracted over 30,000 visitors to Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.
    4. Cincinnati Eliminates Center City Parking Requirements, Neighborhoods Next
      Randy Simes analyses the city’s move to deregulate parking within the urban core.
    5. Greg Landsman: Riding the Cincinnati Streetcar to Success
      In this editorial, City Council candidate Greg Landsman explains why he supports the Streetcar and why it should be extended to Uptown.


The UrbanCincy Podcast

Episode #11: Urban Politics

On the eleventh episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, Terry Grundy joins the UrbanCincy team to discuss urban politics, both in terms of the current election season and larger issues facing America’s cities.

We discuss the pros and cons Cincinnati’s Issue 4 and how big of an effect it would actually have on city politics. We also discuss some of the historical changes to the offices of the mayor and city council in Cincinnati.

Additionally, we talk about Issue 2 and how redistricting affects cities. Terry explains why political parties have taken different positions on cities, and why urban issues didn’t come up in this year’s presidential debates.

Finally, we discuss how other political issues, such as gun control and improving public schools, influence (or are influenced by) our cities.

Photo by Gary Jungling on Flickr.