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The Ridges to Perform Live Film Score of Nosferatu at CAM

Nosferatu at CAMTonight, the Cincinnati Art Museum’s (CAM) free Art After Dark series will collaborate with orchestral folk rock group The Ridges to bring a classic horror film to life.

As part of October’s “Immortal Spirits” theme, The Ridges will perform an original string-based score to an abridged version of the 1922 silent film Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror inside the Museum’s Great Hall.

Art After Dark is one of the CAM’s many recurring events aimed at young professionals. The museum is open until 9pm, past its usual closing time of 5pm, so it is an opportunity to explore one of the country’s oldest art museums after hours, check out some world-class art, enjoy a drink, and this Friday, watch a vampire flick accompanied by a folk rock band in the Great Hall.

Based out of Athens, Ohio, The Ridges is led by Victor Rasgaitis (guitar, vocals) and Talor Smith (cello, vocals) but feature any number of musicians from a rotating collective of players on cello, violin, banjo, horns, percussion, mandolin and accordion. CAM’s screening of Nosferatu will be scored for guitar, cello, violin, upright bass, and banjo.

The Ridges are known for presenting each show as a unique and different experience, and their performance of Nosferatu is no exception. “It’s our own reimagining of the film,” said Ridges frontman Victor Rasgaitis.

While the band composed some new, original music for the film, they also reworked parts from some of their existing songs. For example, the film plays heavily on the use of Nosferatu’s shadow, so it only made sense to Rasgaitis to use their song “Shadows” as Nosferatu’s theme.

“Whenever he’s on screen, we’re doing variations of the chord progression of our song,” Rasgaitis explained.

The band is a perfect fit to revisit the adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula; The Ridges took their name from the allegedly haunted asylum in their hometown, and even recorded their 2011 EP inside the Victorian-era asylum in the dead of winter. (If you listen closely, it’s rumored you can hear mysterious, unexplained noises and whispers in the background of some of the songs).

The Ridges’ romantic Old World sound has been compared to Beirut, Arcade Fire, and Fleet Foxes, while Daytrotter described their music as “hidden with turn of the century and Dust Bowl-era themes.”

The free event will also feature guided ghost tours ending at the newest exhibit, Realm of the Immortals: Daoist Art in the Cincinnati Art Museum, as well as a cash bar (featuring Great Lakes’ Nosferatu Ale, of course) and appetizers for purchase. Parking is free for Art Museum members; $4 for non-members. The CAM is also served by multiple Metro bus routes.

“Art After Dark: Immortal Souls” will take place from 5pm to 9pm. The Ridges Present: Nosferatu, Symphony of Horror will go from 6pm to 8pm. Ghost tours, meanwhile, are scheduled to take place at 6:30pm and 7:30pm.

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All female art show at the Southgate House displays local talent

They’re artists, they’re local, and they’re women. “Lady Parts”, on display in Newport, Kentucky in the gallery at the Southgate House, is an all female art exhibition focusing on bringing women together in celebration of their art. Sara Relojo, a graduate student from Hebron, Kentucky, organized the show, which opened June 3, with the hopes of giving exposure to fellow female artists.

“So I wanted to kinda of get everybody together to show the variety of work that women create in the area,” Relojo explained. “I just really want to celebrate the fact that there are women that show and women that create artwork.”

With over 14 artists exhibiting in the group show, including Andi Martin, Andrea Bellen, Arynn Blazer, Didem Mert, Elise Thompson, Emily Lind, Jacklyn Howard, Kate Dube, Lauren Mira, Michelle Eikenbary Calis, Molly Donnemeyer, Monica Brewer, Sara Relojo, Tilley Stone and more, there is a wide variety of artwork to keep the artistic palate satiated, including painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and mixed media.

The theme behind Lady Parts: there is no defined theme. “The only theme that we wanted was women who are practicing in the area, Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, to show what they already do, so that we can actually put everything together, “ Tilley Stone, a participating artist said. “That way people aren’t kind of changing their style or their artistic voice to conform to something all together. They could just enter pieces that they already had and exist together in a space.”

“Lady Parts” is on display through June 24 at 24 E. 3rd Street in Newport, Kentucky. For more information about gallery hours contact the
Southgate House via phone at (859) 431-2201.

Lady Parts art photo by Shawn Buckenmeyer for UrbanCincy

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Landor Associates unites brands with local art inspiration

Landor Associates, the brand consulting and design firm located in the historic Shillito Building between the 600 and 700 block of Race Street, connected the creative flow within its company to iconic local artists to create a new window display series, titled SmashUP Creative.

Dramatic storefront windows, that overlook the busy downtown street, once housed the latest fashions within the Shillitos Department Store. But over the last year they have contained art installations created by Landor employees to help inspire them and help them think about their in-house brands in a completely new way.

“We use our windows as an opportunity to inspire our employees who create the displays, to engage the city of Cincinnati and to inspire all who pass by,” Landor employee Mara McCormick told UrbanCincy.

For this particular exercise the branding teams for Crest, Cheers, Sour Patch Kids and Old Spice were encouraged to brainstorm artists’ work that they admired, with the goal of using the work as a catalyst for a new brand strategy. The employees chose five extraordinary artists: Nuesole Glassworks, Visionaries and Voices map artist Courttney Cooper; street artists Higher Level Art, Kentucky designer Keith Neltner and illustrator Charley Harper.

The teams got inspired by the artists’ styles, and infused it into conceptual packaging ideas for their brands. Sour Patch Kids, for example, worked in elements of street art and illustration inspired by the work of Higher Level Art into their candy package design. Some designers were moved to create their own brand, Bugaboo; a line of grilling products with package design inspired by Charley Harper’s iconic animal illustrations.

The experience allowed us to connect with artists and the creative community. It opened our eyes to new styles and artistic techniques which we can apply our own design process. SmashUP Creative gave the teams an opportunity to step out of their cubicles and away from the office to discover the inspirational work of artists all around the city.

One of the Landor teams, for example, visited a studio loft where the late Charley Harper’s work is stored. They sifted through hundreds of archive pieces, some which had never been shared publically, and spoke with those who knew him. “We were grateful for the chance to learn about and get close to an artist who we greatly admire,” said McCormick.

Passersby are encouraged to not only check out the windows, but to also learn more about these local artists and the contributions they have made.

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ArtsWave presents free art, CAC party

The arts are an essential part of a vibrant neighborhood. From Paint the Street to serindipitous performance art, local nonprofit ArtsWave is actively engaging Cincinnati through music, visual art, and performance. The organization raises money to assist over 150 arts organizations in the area with sharing art experiences in their community.

“Greater Cincinnati’s diverse arts scene is part of what makes this city so great,” said Margy Waller, VP of communications at ArtsWave. “The fantastic anchor institutions pull artists into the community – along with students at UC, in DAAP and the Conservatory of Music. Now these students and recent grads are doing all sorts of experimental, innovative artwork in Over-the-Rhine, on the streets, and in community arts centers.”

For those looking to get involved with local arts, ArtsWave’s group Friends for the Arts are for individuals who want to get more involved in Cincinnati’s vibrant arts community. There are both volunteer opportunities as well as social events – the annual Party is this Friday, March 4th at the Contemporary Arts Center.

$30 tickets ($26 in advance) are the gateway to an evening of celebrating arts in the community with friends, food and serendipitous art. Admission also includes access to the galleries.

Another fun way to get involved with local arts is through the ArtsWave app – now for iPhone, coming soon for Android. With iSpyArt, community members are encouraged to record the “art all around us” by taking pictures and submitting them to a hosted “gallery” – even those without mobiles can participate through the website.

In past years ArtsWave has hosted one Saturday Sampler Weekend, crammed full of free arts activities to participate in all over the region. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, this year the events have been spread out over the course of six weekends. The ArtsWave Sampler Weekends celebrate the creative things — music, dance, theater, museums, and festivals — happening in large and small ways throughout the region. These weekends are great opportunities for families, friends, and neighbors to connect with one another and experience the arts through free events.

There are four Sampler weekends left in which to experience a dizzying array of free art experiences – March 12, March 26, April 10 and April 16. There is a searchable online tool on the ArtsWave website as well as downloadable PDFs that will make planning easier. Not only are many of the events family friendly, but there are also interesting offerings for a (slightly) more grown up crowd.

Check out the Cincinnati Ballet on March 12 from 12.30-5 to see and participate various performances – belly dancing, martial arts, ballet and a ska band. The Sunday Gospel Brunch on April 10 offers free breakfast and a concert from a choir composed of area churches (RSVP 513.632.0112). Calculus: the Musical! explains math in a fun way at the Know Theatre, also on the 10th. And on April 23, take a tour of various ArtWorks murals along the Central Parkway corridor.

The wide variety of arts organizations in Cincinnati is a treasure. Take the time to check out some of what they have to offer soon.

Disclosure: Jennifer Kessler is currently employed at ArtsWave. The article was written independently and does not necessarily reflect the views of ArtsWave. Paint the Street photograph by Scott Beseler.

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Myriad of events at Final Friday offer fun start to weekend

Head down to the Over-the-Rhine arts district tomorrow, February 25 for an evening of interactive and interesting activities during February’s Final Friday gallery walk.

* The Urban Expansion Development office at 1344 Vine Street will be hosting a Grand Opening and Art Show with wine, cheese, music and work from three different artists – Molly Reckman from Chicago, Linda Loschavo from Mt. Adams, and photography from Joshua Timmermans.

* The YES Gallery at 1417 Main Street will have an interactive art display from 6-10pm – a 24 foot mural that visitors can help to color, using 5 foot paint markers. The artists will be giving out free screen prints by the artists with regular sized markers.

* Rumor has it window shoppers will be in for a surprise on the 1200 block of Vine. Be sure to wander by between 7pm and 8pm.

* 4U Fashion Boutique and Sebastian Rey Skin Awareness will be hosting an organic and natural skin care demonstration from 5-9pm at the boutique, located at the corner of 12th and Jackson Streets. Sebastian Rey will be hosting product demonstrations throughout the evening, and product samples, refreshments and music will be available through the evening.

* After a terrible storm canceled the Bockfest Parade in 1998, participants have held a “Precipitation Retaliation” – burning a snowman effigy to ward off any potential bad weather for Bockfest weekend. This year’s party will be at Grammer’s bar at 9pm.

All of these events are in addition to the rest of the galleries, restaurants and bars that will be open on Main Street, Vine Street and numerous other places in between. Kick off your weekend by taking in some art, music, performances, food and libations in the renaissance that is Over-the-Rhine. And most importantly, don’t let anyone tell you that there’s nothing to do in Cincinnati.

Final Friday photo provided by 5chw4r7z.