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All female art show at the Southgate House displays local talent

They’re artists, they’re local, and they’re women. “Lady Parts”, on display in Newport, Kentucky in the gallery at the Southgate House, is an all female art exhibition focusing on bringing women together in celebration of their art. Sara Relojo, a graduate student from Hebron, Kentucky, organized the show, which opened June 3, with the hopes of giving exposure to fellow female artists.

“So I wanted to kinda of get everybody together to show the variety of work that women create in the area,” Relojo explained. “I just really want to celebrate the fact that there are women that show and women that create artwork.”

With over 14 artists exhibiting in the group show, including Andi Martin, Andrea Bellen, Arynn Blazer, Didem Mert, Elise Thompson, Emily Lind, Jacklyn Howard, Kate Dube, Lauren Mira, Michelle Eikenbary Calis, Molly Donnemeyer, Monica Brewer, Sara Relojo, Tilley Stone and more, there is a wide variety of artwork to keep the artistic palate satiated, including painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and mixed media.

The theme behind Lady Parts: there is no defined theme. “The only theme that we wanted was women who are practicing in the area, Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, to show what they already do, so that we can actually put everything together, “ Tilley Stone, a participating artist said. “That way people aren’t kind of changing their style or their artistic voice to conform to something all together. They could just enter pieces that they already had and exist together in a space.”

“Lady Parts” is on display through June 24 at 24 E. 3rd Street in Newport, Kentucky. For more information about gallery hours contact the
Southgate House via phone at (859) 431-2201.

Lady Parts art photo by Shawn Buckenmeyer for UrbanCincy

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2011 Cincinnati Fringe Festival serves as a vehicle for collaboration

For funky and cutting edge arts events and experiences in Cincinnati, the place to be is the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, May 31 through June 11. The first Fringe Festival originated in Edinburgh, Scotland 51 years ago. The Cincinnati Fringe Festival in its eighth season, and like its forefather, showcases theater, comedy, performance art, fine art, and film that explores the weird, outrageous, and the provocative.

With 12 days and 160 performances of 35 productions showcasing both local and out-of-town performers and artists, plenty of opportunities exist to whet the appetites of audiences. Starting this year the Cincinnati Fringe Festival offers Fringe Next, a program that features performances created, produced, and performed by local high school students.

Some of the highlights from this year’s line-up include: Fire & Light – fire-based performances by Incendium Arts; The Masculinity Index – the exploration of what it means to be a man through theater, spoken word, music, movement and much more; Darker – a love story involving light bulbs; Fringe Documented – a film documentary focusing on bringing the Fringe to Cincinnati; and The Body Speaks: Calligraphic Photography – a photography exhibit created by Sean Dunn, a local Cincinnati photographer, focusing on “unifying the mediums of calligraphy and photography.”

Work created by Dunn served as inspiration for three other fringe projects that include: The Body Speaks: Movement, The Body Speaks: Scripted, and The Body Speaks: Captured. Dunn will be viewing the finished projects for the first time during the Fringe.

“I want my work to speak for itself; I did not want to interfere or impose my thoughts or criticisms and diminish any of the collectives’ innate creativity,” Dunn said. “I eagerly look forward to seeing and hearing The Body Speaks Projects in their polished state over the course of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.”

For Dunn, the Fringe is vital because of the collaborative opportunities it affords artists from multiple platforms. “The Cincinnati Fringe Festival is important because it presents artists of all walks of life the opportunity to work together and gives well deserved attention to the Cincinnati art scene,” Dunn said. “What’s more, Fringe Fest provides artists an exceptionally welcoming and comfortable environment in which unorthodox styles of creativity and presentation are encouraged.”

Ticket prices range from $12 per performance, $60 six-show pass, and an all-access pass for $200. For more information about performances and show times you can visit the Cincinnati Fringe Festival website.

Fringe Festival picture provided by Know Theatre.

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Know Theatre hosts Little Kings kickoff tour

Beer, comedy, and a good cause make for a lively night at Know Theater , located on 1120 Jackson Street {map} in the arts district of Over-the-Rhine. Friday May 20th, Little King’s Cream Ale kicks off its Groovy World Tour with spokesperson Kevin Downey Jr., in the city where Little Kings originated. The tour will visit all 40 states that currently sell Little Kings Beer.

At The Know Theater, the evening’s festivities begins at 7:30 PM with special prices on Little Kings, and music provided by DJ Blakkoutt. The party moves to the stage at 9:30 pm with a comedy show hosted by Metromix’s Katie Clavey, with performances by local comedian Alex Stone and New York City comedian, Kevin Downey Jr.

Downey Jr’s comedy act is not your average stand up routine. “If you’re into wacky impressions, props and puppets, this is not your kind of show,” Downey Jr. said. “If you’re into something alternative and funny, and Little Kings Beer, the Know Theater is the place to be this Friday.”

As part of the Groovy World Tour, fans of Little Kings Beer can proclaim their love with a King’s Proclamation, a 140 character or less statement explaining why customers love Little Kings Beer. Once a proclamation is made, customers have a chance to win a free T-shirt.

“A proclamation is a one or two line bit about the beer or the magic that happens when you drink Little Kings, “Downey Jr. said. “For example, Little Kings Cream Ale is like jazz for your taste buds.”

You can purchase tickets for the Little Kings Cream Ale Comedy Tour at the Know Theater for $15 per person or online. All proceeds benefit the Know Theater. Included in the ticket price is entrance to the after party at Lunar night club, located on Elm Street and beginning at 11:30 pm., where guests can finish the night off in style.

Know Theatre picture courtesy 5chw4r7z.