Parker Flats Construction Update

Parker Flatsis moving right along. The foundation is in, and the first level of structured parking is nearing completion. This project will really help add a needed component for the Historic W. Fourth Street District. This part of downtown is quickly becoming a nightlife hot spot with the recent opening of Bang Nightclub, and rumors of other potential nightclub ventures.

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Where Parker Flats comes into the equation is by offering new residential units into the historic district. Some people just don’t want to worry about maintenance on old buildings, and Parker Flats will breathe new life into the district. The one curve ball with this project is that it is being developed by Middle Earth Developers. MED has been criticized for using low-quality construction practices. Judge for yourself and tour some of these fantastic living spaces developed by MED in the Historic W. Fourth Street District. You can contact MED for more information on their residential properties here: jimmoll[at]fuse[dot]net.


Fountain Square Updates

Well the finished Fountain Square is steadily progressing. I must say that the whole Fountain Square District is really starting to look quite nice. McCormick & Schmick’s has been open for several weeks now and looks fantastic; and Boi Na Braza is making steady progress and has now installed new awnings on the outside of the building.

The square itself is almost near completion as well. The plaza is almost complete, with just a small section just north of the fountain to be complete. This will most likely be done/open to the public once the new facade is complete along the lower 5/3 building, as well as, the construction of Via Vite. Via Vite has the opportunity to be one of the GREAT places to dine in Cincinnati! The location is second to none, and the quality of food potentially fabulous.

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Much criticism has been made thus far about the funding and quality of work that has been done on Fountain Square. I contend that this is money well spent. Not too many communities across the nation have a public space the improvements made to the public plaza are tremendous improvements over the previous concrete fallout plaza of sorts that existed before. There has been much spin-off investment and the surrounding blocks are really coming to life. When you look at as great as Fountain Square, and an investment you want to see what your return on investment is when all is said and done.

The Fountain Square District has seen the openings of several new restaurants, new residential is moving in at several different projects around the square, new retailers have opened and announced openings and the city has put up has heard the announcements and money to improve the streetscaping around the square.

In my eyes, it sounds like $42 million went a long way towards the revitalization efforts of downtown!

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Cincinnati’s Summer Jobs Plan

Mayor Mark Mallory put the finishing touches on the City’s Summer Jobs Plan. This is a summer jobs program for inner-city youths in Cincinnati. The nuts and bolts of the program are as such…The total cost of the program is $1.5 million, with major contributions coming from organizations like ‘Blueprint for Success’. The program will aim to employ around 220 inner-city youths.

These types of programs are priceless and do GREAT things for inner-city youths and the city as a whole. It gives kids things to do, and teaches them all kinds of lessons. From painting murals, to maintaining parks and working in business environments. These are lifelong lessons that these youths will be able to take with them as they mature; lessons that these individuals might not have otherwise been exposed to. I couldn’t think of a better use of $1.5 million. I applaud the City of Cincinnati for its continued support of its inner-city youths. Now if only the leaders of Cedar Fair (owners of Kings Island) had this kind of leadership and vision.

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What do YPs want for downtown? I know what I want!

The Mayor’s Young Professional Kitchen Cabinet has put together a short survey on downtown. The results will be used to form recommendations to the Mayor, make decisions about future projects the YPKC may take up, and more. You can take the survey here.

Being a YP myself, I’ve got a few recommendations for the group. First off, get some eateries that are trendy and most importantly affordable! Secondly (staying with the affordable theme), work towards the development of more affordable housing options for those fresh out of college. As for retail, I would suggest trying to land some well known chain stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, and the like. These types of establishments are a draw and are typically located in urban locations.

A key component to these will be locating them along street-level. This enlivens the street and adds a unique/creative element to the street. This is the first thing you see as you are driving or walking along a street. After hours is where downtown seems to be lacking most, and having more street-level retail will help to enliven those otherwise dead parts of downtown. I would imagine that The Banks will be the poster child for this type of thing in the Cincinnati Metro, but downtown can and needs to take steps forward as well.

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