Ann Driscoll at Southgate House


Singer/songwriter Ann Driscoll is a Cincinnati native who’s currently studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. But, at age 20, her songwriting already possesses the kind of wisdom, originality and maturity that can’t be learned in college.

She began her musical career in earnest just three years ago and her direct Indie Pop sound helped put her on bills with local favorites like Peter Adams and Katie Redier, as well as nationally acclaimed Rock bands like The High Strung. Driscoll’s self-released, self-titled EP is an engaging exhibition of blunt, catchy (but not predictable) Pop, with vocals that recall pre-blatant-sex-kitten Liz Phair and a writing style that is obviously informed by prime influences like The Beatles and Nirvana.

Berklee must be on summer break, because Driscoll is returning to the local stage this week, performing at the Southgate House’s parlour room Friday with local singer/songwriter Molly Sullivan. 8:30 p.m. $5-$8. (Get details and find nearby bars and restaurants here.) — Mike Breen

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Best Week Ever? No, but a really good one

This week has been pretty amazing for the City of Cincinnati and OTR:

1. Bootsy’s, Produced by Jeff Ruby is a go
2. Strickland adds more historic tax credits for OTR
3. Outside opens in the Gateway Quarter
4. The Music Now Festival hits the three year mark
5. Rookwood Pottery moves to OTR based on the future streetcar…without even full approval, the streetcar, is already causing economic development to occur.
6. The Banks broke ground
There was also a really good article in the Pulse of the City about the Brewery District

Rendering of Booty’s, Produced by Jeff Ruby – Image Provided


Ich möchte einen Toast auf Grammer’s ausbringen!

Translation: I’d like to propose a toast to Grammer’s!

I’ll be honest I had never been in Grammer’s before last night. I am a relatively new resident of this great city and had not had the opportunity to enjoy Grammer’s prior to 1992, when it closed. Let me tell you. It seems like the place never closed. There were easily 100-150 people at the opening of Grammer’s last night. You could barely move in the bar area, and many of the tables were full as well. Like I had said in my last post, Beer and Brats… what else do you need? This place is going to do amazingly well. What a GREAT building. It screams its German heritage loud and clear. Old Steins are everywhere, and the basement area is going to be one of my favorite spaces in the city, once the renovations are complete. In general, this could become my NEW favorite hang out. Prost!

No real menu yet, but the management expects a full restaurant in about a year. Other developments should start popping up around Grammer’s at about that same time.

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OTR = Food & Drinks

This past week has been a truly remarkable time for our favorite previously neglected neighborhood.

On Tuesday, Lavomatic opened on Vine Street. Jean Robert’s new restaurant opened in an old Laundromat and serves a very rough blend of French and local cuisine. I had the opportunity to try it out and I can say that you will not be disappointed. The space is wonderful. Light colored walls and a completely glass street frontage, makes it a very bright and welcoming space. Upstairs (not quite open yet) the dinning room continues inside and out. The terrace is larger than what I had been expecting. The space is going to be a wonderful place to relax, eat some great food and sip a glass of French wine.

The food was amazing, as expected. I started off with their daily special appetizer, a smoked trout salad. Simply Stunning. My entree and dessert of salmon on a bed of couscous, and crème Brule, were just as spectacular. Also the wine selection was very small, but I was told that they will be expanding it before the weekend. With entrees between 12-24 dollars it is probably the most affordable of Jean Robert’s places. I honestly can’t wait to go back and sit on the terrace.

Today, Grammer’s reopens. A true Cincinnati Gem that I honestly can’t wait to go to. It’s basically going to have my two favorite things. Beer and Bratwursts. It promises to become a staple of Over-the-Rhine once again, especially with some of the redevelopment opportunities that have been recently hitting the presses.

What an exciting time for OTR and the city in general. It is hard not to get wrapped up in the momentum that we are experiencing right now in our neighborhood.


With a face like this…

How can you not like polar bears. Well, Maurice Smith from Walton, Kentucky isn’t a big fan. From the 2/14 Enquirer:

Thank God President Bush is concerned about the supply of oil for our country. The radical global warming extremists are willing to destroy the entire country and our economy for the sake of polar bears, even though the polar bear
population is much larger than it has been for years. A major portion of the cost of a gallon of gas is to satisfy environmental extremists.

Maurice W. Smith

I guess it depends on how you define ‘major.’