Month in Review

Month in Review – July 2013

In July, UrbanCincy covered several new development projects across the city, future growth in the Central Business District, the city’s parking modernization plan, and lots more. Check out our top stories that you may have missed.

This month, UrbanCincy covered new developments in the Central Business District, Over-the-Rhine, and Evanston. Contributor  looked at how the city’s parking modernization plan relates to similar programs in other cities. We also released two new podcast episodes, discussing Cincinnati’s transportation history and the role of craft beer in our city, and posted a video of contributor Jake Mecklenborg’s bike ride from Cincinnati to Columbus.

Our  top 5 most popular stories for July 2013 were:

    1. Cincinnati To Grow Taller in the Coming Years
      Cincinnati is now poised to add 15 towers to its collection this decade, putting it dead even with how many the city added in the 1970s. Since many of these will be completed within the first half of this decade, it may be safe to assume that the city will add even more by decade’s end and approach the 1980s rate of tower construction.
    2. Industry Experts Believe a ‘Parking Revolution’ is Sweeping America
      Cincinnati’s recently approved Parking Modernization & Lease Program appears to apply these top trends by moving toward technologies that improve access control, payment automation, and real-time communication of pricing and availability to user’s mobile devices.
    3. Grandin Properties Completes $1.6M Renovation of 135-Year-Old Hummel Building
      The Hummel Building is the second of seven projects to be completed during the fifth phase of 3DCDC’s redevelopment work in Over-the-Rhine. The building is now home to a 1,900 square-foot restaurant space and four condominiums priced from $270,000 to $375,000, is also the first Over-the-Rhine project for Grandin Properties.
    4. Demolition of Evanston’s Long-Troubled St. Leger Place Begins
      The apartment building known as St. Leger was built in 1905 and is situated at the intersection of Gilbert Avenue and St. Leger Place. The building has long been known as a problem property in the city, but is now being redeveloped by The Model Group.
    5. Promise of Streetcar Driving Occupancy Rates at Hanke Exchange
      The owners of The Hanke Exchange – a collection of five buildings in Over-the-Rhine between Reading Road and Michael Bany Way – have announced that Teach for America will open their Cincinnati office at the Jupiter Building at 1110 Main Street.


By Travis Estell

Travis joined UrbanCincy in 2009 as a contributor, and quickly took over technical responsibilities for the site. After growing up in Cincinnati’s east side in Goshen, Travis earned an Electronic Media degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2009. Since then, Travis has been working throughout the United States as a web development consultant. After living in Clifton Heights, Northside, and Over-the-Rhine, Travis now resides in Cincinnati’s Central Business District.