VIDEO: Biking from Cincinnati’s Fountain Square to the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus

In September 2009, UrbanCincy’s Jake Mecklenborg biked from Cincinnati’s Fountain Square to the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.

The ride documents the state of bike paths, or stretches of roadway, between the two cities. The approximate 125-mile journey relies heavily on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. But as Jake experienced, the usage of the trail drops off significantly once you get out of the city.

Another issue experienced during the ride was the lack of trail or dedicated bike facilities heading into Columbus.

One of the other trails that Jake partially uses on the trip is the Ohio River Trail, which is still under development. Officials with the City of Cincinnati continue to make progress on new segments of that trail, but it is still a ways off from its completion of connecting the Little Miami Scenic Trail with Smale Riverfront Park in downtown Cincinnati. Future extensions of the trail would bring it even further west along Cincinnati’s waterfront.

The City of Cincinnati is also studying a new dedicated bike lane along Delta Avenue that would lead to the Ohio River Trail. Those that are interested in weighing in on that project can do so by voting for your preferred design option online.

  • Frank Henson
  • I did that ride last year…very fun!
    I think if some of the connections to Columbus from the trail were just a bit better, that thing could really act like a bicycle super-highway between the cities(at least for people in exceptionally good shape!). The Cincinnati side connection wasn’t so bad, but in Columbus the trail lets off in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

    The 100+ miles of trail in the middle are just a perfect chance to get lost in your thoughts and put your legs to the grindstone.

  • Todd McFarland

    Really cool vid Jake. I feel like a wimp having only been to Morrow and back.