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Stories Around the Urban Campfire returns to East Walnut Hills this Thursday

The UrbanCincy team invites you to join us in East Walnut Hills for the second Stories Around the Urban Campfire event. Food and drink will be provided by Suzie Wongs and Cafe Desales, and the event is totally free.

Stories Around the Urban Campfire will return this Thursday to DeSales Plaza in East Walnut Hills.

The urban storytelling event is being produced by UrbanCincy in partnership with the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation and Teilen. The event also supports small businesses in the neighborhood like Suzie Wongs, Café DeSales, and Beck Hardware.

“I received very positive feedback from the small, neighborhood businesses involved with the first storytelling event,” explained UrbanCincy owner Randy Simes. “Some people were a bit hesitant to get up and share their stories at the first event, but we’re hoping even more people show up this Thursday and to enjoy the unique urban campfire experience in East Walnut Hills.”

People gather on DeSales Plaza for the first-ever Stories Around the Urban Campfire event held on November 8, 2012. Image provided by the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation.

As with the first Stories Around the Urban Campfire held on November 8 (online photo gallery), this week’s event will have food and drink available for purchase from Suzie Wongs and Café DeSales. Those who bring the right materials will also be able to make smores over the fire.

According to Simes, there are plans to potentially do more of these events, but for now this may be the last regularly scheduled Stories Around the Urban Campfire event of 2012.

“We received a very positive response from the first event, and we expect there to be a similar turnout this time around,” Simes noted. “However, it is getting colder and colder by the day, and we don’t want people to be uncomfortable. If the weather plays nice, then we might have another one or two of these before the end of the year, and then bring it back in the spring.”

Stories Around the Urban Campfire (11/29) will begin at 6:30pm in DeSales Plaza at the corner of Woodburn Avenue and Madison Road. The event is free and open to the public, and those choosing to share their stories with the group will be given approximately five minutes each.

Teilen founder Joe Wessels will serve as the event’s moderator and will be keeping track of each speaker’s time. Those interested in telling a story are encouraged to contact or with their name and story topic.

By Travis Estell

Travis joined UrbanCincy in 2009 as a contributor, and quickly took over technical responsibilities for the site. After growing up in Cincinnati’s east side in Goshen, Travis earned an Electronic Media degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2009. Since then, Travis has been working throughout the United States as a web development consultant. After living in Clifton Heights, Northside, and Over-the-Rhine, Travis now resides in Cincinnati’s Central Business District.