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Episode #62: Urban Parking Challenges

The UrbanCincy team discussses the challenges related to parking that developers face in the urban core, and how parking minimums have affected projects like the Strietmann Biscuit Company building, Fifteenth & Vine, and LibertyElm.

Proposed Development at Fifteenth & Vine Lives Up to 3CDC’s Parking Promises

Nearly 3.5 years ago 3CDC made a commitment to use the over-sized Mercer Commons parking garage to supply parking for other planned developments nearby, and their latest development proposal holds true to that promise.

EXCLUSIVE: 3CDC Commits to Shared Parking Plan for Over-the-Rhine

After UrbanCincy critiqued 3CDC for providing more parking at its Mercer Commons development than what is required by city law, the development corporation responded and committed to a shared parking plan for the remainder of its projects in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.