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Nationwide Housing Shortage Most Dire For Those at the Bottom

For those at the lowest rungs of America’s economic classes, the affordable housing crisis is bad and getting worse. According to a 2011-2013 study released in 2015 from the Urban Land Institute, not a single county in the United States has an adequate supply of affordable housing for those in extreme poverty.

Cincinnati Fares Poorly When Examining Centralization of Jobs Throughout Region

Cincinnati has out-performed many regions in job creation since the Great Recession, but the decentralization of jobs here is greater than most. The pattern is presents a growing challenge for city planners and policy makers looking to connect people with jobs.

Federal Reserve Data Reveals Cincinnati Economy is Out-Performing Regionally, Lagging Nationally

New data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland shows that the economic region continues to be bolstered and burdened by its robust manufacturing sector. Of the region's 17 metropolitan regions, only a handful are performing well economically.