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Could Closing the ‘Corporate Inversion’ Loophole Rebuild America’s Infrastructure?

Could Closing the 'Corporate Inversion' Loophole Rebuild America's Infrastructure?. With Burger King and Tim Hortons moving forward with a merger that would shift the American fast-food...

How to Reimagine Our Streets Around the Concept of Shared Space

Our streets are carefully, perhaps overly, engineered. In the best cases space is carefully allotted to each different mode, but are we thinking about street design totally wrong?

OPINION: U.S. Trade Policy and Its Impact on Urban Economies

When examining American trade policy, it is hard for one to not scratch their head and wonder how the massive trade imbalance is possible. But, Jacob Fessler wonders, what is this policy's influence on urban economies.

Detroit Gets Free Bridge

While the jury is still out regarding the tolling of the Brent Spence Bridge here in the Cincinnati region, another bridge project in Detroit is moving forward with no cost to the local tax base.

Episode #18: Immigrant-Friendly City

We discuss how city council's motion to declare Cincinnati an "immigrant-friendly city" improves our region's image, and how various efforts to attract and retain skilled immigrants could improve our city and nation's economy.