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Connecting Cincinnati With What’s Happening ‘Inside The Beltway’

Washington can often seem far away both geographically and culturally, but the decisions that are made inside The Beltway often have far-reaching impacts at the state and local level.

Why did so few people vote in Tuesday’s election?

Why did so few people vote in Tuesday's election?. Election day was a great day for Republicans. It was was not, however, a good day for...

Could Closing the ‘Corporate Inversion’ Loophole Rebuild America’s Infrastructure?

Could Closing the 'Corporate Inversion' Loophole Rebuild America's Infrastructure?. With Burger King and Tim Hortons moving forward with a merger that would shift the American fast-food...

Data Suggests Peak Vehicle Miles Traveled Was Reached in 2007

We always hear of anticipated robust traffic growth, and if nothing is done, then our communities will be stuck in gridlock. But how have these projections actually measured up?