Cincinnati’s business community supports idea of putting Liberty Street on ‘road diet’

So far, neighborhood residents have been quite consistent in their support for reducing Liberty Street’s width. As of now, residents appear to be supportive of a plan to reduce it by 20 feet, while other neighborhood groups want it to be reduced by even more to allow for dedicated bike facilities and more developable land along the street’s southern side.

In an informal poll, the Business Courier recently asked their readers if they supported the idea of reducing the width of Liberty Street. The response from the city’s business community was overwhelming, with 78% of respondents saying that they support the idea.

More from the Business CourierDo you the support plan to shrink OTR’s Liberty Street?

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  • thebillshark

    The business community should get behind this idea, and 3CDC should too! It offers the opportunity to add residents, and office space for the start up community, as 3CDC has begun adding to the mix with planned developments at 15th and Vine and along 14th Street.

    I would propose the Liberty Street Road Diet be coupled with the following: The construction of an underground garage bounded by Race, Liberty, and Elm Streets, extending underneath Pleasant Street. This should be coupled with the complete elimination of parking requirements for rehabs and new developments within a radius of several blocks.

    This will ensure the surrounding area develops to its maximum density potential given height limitations, as the need for additional surface lots and private garages is eliminated. There are quite a lot of infill development opportunities and historic building rehabs in the area that this garage could support. Additionally:

    -The garage would provide parking for Findlay Market, easily reachable across a narrowed Liberty Street

    -The garage would serve a pedestrian-friendly Pleasant Street corridor between Washington Park and Findlay Market

    -The garage would serve whatever is redevelopment is planned for the Boys and Girls Club, and other larger attractions like Taft’s Ale House (present and future)

    -Washington Park garage spaces are being reserved for development further to the south, and capacity is being maxed out

    -The more total housing that OTR can accommodate, the more affordable housing it can accommodate, as well as making market rate housing more affordable

    The garage should be planned now, so that projects in the early planning stages in the area can forego providing parking as required by the city. OTR has the potential to be an economic engine for the entire city and region if we do this right!