PHOTOS: A Recent Sampling of Cincinnati’s Explosive Center City Growth

So much construction has been taking place in the center city that it has prompted city officials to launch a website specifically dedicated to tracking all of it for those living, working and visiting the area. As with any development there are growing pains, but City Hall is working to keep them at a minimum without squashing the growth.

While it would be impossible to capture all of the recently completed and ongoing projects in one posting, the following cross-section includes the $125 million dunnhumby Centre, the 115-room Holiday Inn in the Eighth Street Design District, the recently completed Seven at Broadway luxury apartment tower, the Pendleton Street Townhomes infill project, and a handful of other small infill and renovation projects throughout Over-the-Rhine and Pendleton.

EDITORIAL NOTE: All 15 photographs in this gallery were taken by Jake Mecklenborg for UrbanCincy in April 2015.

  • The changes taking place in the northeast corner of the central business district are really exciting. Ever since the Krippendorf Building was renovated into apartments the area has really shown a lot of promise. Of course, a slew of smaller projects have occurred along the way, and the Blue Wisp being located there made the area relevant to those not working or living in the immediate area. Now there is a new apartment tower that has just opened, a hotel under construction and another mid-rise apartment building about to break ground.

    With all of that, there is still so much more potential for this area given the two large surface lots along the west side of Sycarmore between 6th and 8th Streets. With the streetcar opening next year and these sites located a block from a station, I don’t see them staying surface lots for much longer.

    • Steven Michael Johns

      Randy, you know I am no fan of parking lots, but that lot north of St. Xavier sure could be the next Washington Park – 3CDC needs a new project anyway 😉

    • I don’t know that I would like to see a park take up the entire block, but it could be developed thoughtfully so as to include a small pocket park for the neighborhood.

  • EDG

    It’s rare that a finished building has the sheen as it’s rendering, but the hi reflective windows and chrome on Dunnhumby absolutely do not match the matte finish of the concrete and black panels. In the renderings the window zipper came off as white and I think the end result suffers.

  • Matt Jacob

    Where is “OTR infill 2”?

    • Adam Nelson

      Mercer. across from the townhomes.