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$27.3M investment to transform historic Enquirer Building into 238-room hotel

The 86-year-old Enquirer Building in downtown Cincinnati may finally see new life after a previously failed redevelopment effort in 2007. Plans now call for a $27.3 million investment that would transform the tower into a 238-room hotel with 12,000 square feet of street-level retail.

Bunbury Music Festival impresses in year one

Bunbury Festival: 2012 Wrap Up | Each Note Secure. Cincinnati has been left without a noteworthy summer rock festival since Desdemona ended and never returned...

‘The Rhine’ examines what all the changes in OTR mean to long-standing residents

The Rhine is a new video produced by Kyle Pedersen that takes a critical look at the changes taking place in Over-the-Rhine. While a lot can be taken from the piece, UrbanCincy is interested in hearing what you think.

What’s the full story behind Cincinnati’s 50-year population decline?

Cincinnati, like all peer cities, recorded its peak population in the 1950 and has steadily lost residents since. But the cause behind that population loss may be more complex than the traditional narrative of urban decline can explain.

With World Choir Games finished, Cincinnati eyes next major event

With World Choir Games finished, Cincinnati eyes next major event. The 2012 World Choir Games exceeded all expectations, and city officials are being praised for...