Nolen Park development to complete Mariemont’s original town plan

In 1862 an 18-year-old Brooklynite named Mary Hopkins came to Cincinnati with ideas for a walkable community in her new home. Long story short, she soon became Mary Emery, one of Cincinnati’s most celebrated philanthropists, and is credited with founding the planned community of Mariemont.

She was at the groundbreaking of the neigborhood in 1923. 90 years later, Mariemont is a walkable community worth emulating, and its newest development, Emery Park, will help to finally complete Mary Emery’s original town plan. In conjunction with North American Properties, Cincinnati-based Greiwe Development Group broke ground for the $12 million project on August 31, 2010 and it is expected to be complete this November.

Emery Park is an extension of the Village Square, and thanks to CR Architecture + Design, continues the tradition of Tudor Revival design signature to the Mariemont community. Developers tout the project as having interior features open one-level floor plans with expansive windows, large balconies, and immaculate finishes, providing both a perfect space and location for Baby Boomers. To date, nearly one-third of the 31 units of been sold.

“Emery Park is the realization of Mary Emery’s vision for downtown Mariemont, and 90 years later, we’re able to say that we have fulfilled a part of her well-designed plan for this walkable community,” said Rick Greiwe, principal of Greiwe Development Group.

Emery Park is one of three condominium complexes in Mariemont that have been built by the development team. The first of which, Jordan Park, was dedicated in October 2008 and has since sold all 26 of its residences. The other, Nolen Park, is slated to break ground in spring of 2012 and has already sold six of the 29 units. And developers say that all of the developments are available in one to three bedroom floor plans with energy-efficient materials to provide residents with comfortable, low-maintenance living.

The project is in partnership with Greiwe Development, Sibcy Cline and North American Properties. Sibcy Cline listing agents are Patti Harrier and Elaine Greiwe. Homes at Emery Park start at $295,000 and open houses take place at the Mariemont Lifestyle Sales Center each Sunday from 1pm to 4pm at 3514 West Street.

  • Elle

    Except that Mary Emery’s vision was for a planned urban community that was AFFORDABLE for families and offered respite from the city. Some may think so, but a home near $300 thousand is hardly affordable. Less architectural style, modern builders and realtors have done nothing to honor the spirit of the original Mariemont.

  • adam

    i’ve never been a fan of watercolor markers. they can’t help buy lie.

  • adam

    buy = but

  • Amanda

    I live in Mariemont literally right down the street from Emery and Nolen Park and right behind Jordan Park. By building these condos, they are tearing down the affordable housing in the community and forcing the residents to move. I don’t agree with it at all. The original apartment buildings are a part of Mariemont’s history, many of them being here for at least half a century. The building i live in has been here for 60 years. Fortunately, when Jordan Park was being built on Miami Ave, my street (Thorndike Rd.) did not become a part of it. My landlord and the other owners chose not to sell. It’s been three years since Jordan Park’s completion. So I think, for now, I am safe from having to move.