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Most socially networked city in the world poised to win $25k

Cincinnati’s the most socially connected city in the world. Let’s flex our social media muscle and push OTR over the top in the This Place Matters contest! Vote at

Happy Social Media Day! To celebrate, Mashable named Cincinnati the most socially connected city in the world. The honor was given to the Queen City due to people who love to love the city together. “Social Media is one way we connect,” according to Cincinnati’s #SMDay event organizer, Anne Castleberry. Over 100 people are meeting up today at the Pub in Rookwood Pavilion at 7pm.

One powerful way we’ve watched Cincinnati come together in the name of social connectedness is through the grassroots organizing and voting for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s This Place Matters contest. Rising from 84th to 2nd place in a number of weeks, the city has truly rallied behind this contest in an effort to show the rest of the country how significant the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is, especially in terms of preserving historic architecture.

It’s been an arduous process, but if you have a chance to share with friends and colleagues, please help by voting with unique email addresses. The contest ends at 5pm today. Vote now, and show the world how a socially connected city can truly make a difference.

By Jenny Kessler

Jenny is a local designer who has a passion for people and for Cincinnati. She began writing for UrbanCincy in September 2009, and served as the website's operation manager until March 2012. Jenny currently works for ArtsWave and manages the OTR Urban Kickball League.