As dismal economic reports continue to be made, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews shares his idea for how to get America out of this economic rut – build rapid rail.

On last night’s Hardball with Chris Matthews show Matthews shared, on more than one occasion, his disgust about the state of rapid rail in America.  Asking at one point, “Why are we the slowest moving rapid rail nation in the world?” and further contemplating whether or not America would even build a subway system in a big American city today.

Much of Europe has already developed an advanced high-speed rail network that links those countries together, and China is in the midst of the most aggressive high-speed rail building campaign the world has ever seen.  Other countries around the world are getting up-to-speed as well, and there is the possibility that northern Africa may even soon be connected to Europe’s extensive system.

“We need to build rapid rail…and it’s time we catch the movement,” exclaimed Matthews in the final show segment.  “It will create jobs, it will catch us up to the rest of the world, it will cut our reliance on foreign oil, and it will give us something to believe in.  President Obama…just do it!”