The 5th annual National Dump the Pump Day took place today and encouraged individuals to take public transportation instead of commuting to work by car. This year more than 120 public transportation systems participated in the Dump the Pump activities including Cincinnati’s Metro bus service.

According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), transit riders save on average $778 per month, and over $9,000 per year without the high operational and maintenance costs associated with car ownership. In addition to the cost savings, APTA states that public transit offers a travel option that has an immediate impact in reducing an individual’s carbon footprint while also reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil.

The Transit Savings Report released by APTA is calculated based on the average cost of taking public transit as compared to the average cost of driving using cost metrics defined by AAA. The cost of driving includes maintenance, operational, and parking costs. America’s top 20 cities as rated by transit ridership saw anywhere from $13,906 in annual savings in New York City, to $8,218 in Pittsburgh.

Cincinnati did not rank within the top 20 American cities for transit ridership, but Cincinnati’s Metro bus service is celebrating National Dump the Pump Day with a Facebook Page contest where those who leave comments on the page are entered into a drawing to win a month-long bus pass.

Take a moment, and share why you have dumped the pump in the comment section or on Metro’s Facebook Page.