Gearing Up for Bike to Work Week

Monday marks the beginning of the League of American Bicyclists‘ Bike to Work Week 2010. From Monday, May 17 through Friday, May 21, Cincinnatians are encouraged to get behind their trusty two-wheelers instead of the wheel of their car. Local bike group Queen City Bike is helping to make the transition easier by setting up “commuter stations” throughout the city to reach out to bicyclists and encourage those who might otherwise be having second thoughts to get out and ride.

Riding a bike instead of driving to work next week is a great way to experience commuting via bicycle for those who may not have tried it before. Biking helps reduce carbon emissions – every mile biked is one pound of carbon saved – and is great exercise as well. Not only that, but biking is free (after the cost of the bike) and saves money on buying gas.

There is a small but strong biking community in the Cincinnati area, and veteran bikers are excited to help spread the bike love to others. Queen City Bike’s commuter stations are designed to educate and inform cyclists in the region who want to learn more.

“If you are not sure you are ready to try commuting just yet, but want to learn more about where you can bike in the region, please stop by and see us at one of our Commuter Stations,” said Gary Wright, President of Queen City Bike. “We will have maps that you can take with you that will help you find the best streets for riding in your neighborhood.”

The stations will be set up in various parts of town and have free coffee, swag, as well as a free tune up for your bicycle if you stop by. Monday’s station is located at the Hyde Park Coffee Emporium (3316 Eerie Avenue) and Elements Cycles will be around to look at bikes. Queen City Bike has posted a full list of the rest of the commuter stations to be set up around town the rest of the week.

Another perk of Bike to Work Week can be found at local green general store Park+Vine. During the month of May, shoppers who visit the store via bike can get 10% off on their food purchases, and 15% off other merchandise.

It is important that new and experience riders remember to be safe out on the roads (do not ride on the sidewalk). If you are interested in refreshing your knowledge about bicycling rules of the road, the If you are not familiar with the bike rules of the road, the Ohio Bicycle Federation has an quick and easy-to-use guide on Ohio bike law. Remember: please ride on the street. With traffic. Wearing a helmet.

Happy riding, Cincinnati!

  • I’ve been trying to get around to riding to work forever, next week I’m biting the bullet and doing it!

  • The thing in Cincinnati is that due to the hills a mountain bike can be needed to navigate the hills instead of a typical road bike.

  • “The thing in Cincinnati is that due to the hills a mountain bike can be needed to navigate the hills instead of a typical road bike.”
    baloney – tell that to the road racers in Europe.
    OTOH with morning humidity levels in the 94% range, biking to work is gonna be kind of sloppy.

  • “The thing in Cincinnati is that due to the hills a mountain bike can be needed to navigate the hills instead of a typical road bike.”

    Are you off-roading to work? This is terribly bad advice, if you are going to ride on the road or sidewalks, ride a road bike. The rolling resistance – not to mention extra weight in the frame – of a mountain bike will make riding harder. Mountain bikes are made for trails, jumps, bumps, loose gravel and dirt. Ride a road bike where there is pavement or cement – regardless of the grade.

  • Kris

    For the folks not liking the mountain bike thing…let’s back off here. Just simply put some slick tires on the ol’ mountain bike… the wide range of gearing is great, the less aggressive angles aka “sitting more upright” makes a mountain bike style bike a great choice. The lighter frame of a road bike has advantages… but for all the core bikers around, please remember that this upcoming week is about getting us fatties off the car seat and onto the bike seat. If we were the LeMands the Hamiltons, the Tinker Warezes, or local hero John Stamstead, we’d be impermeable to weather, hills, cars, fatigue and traffic. The point here is that we should welcome people on any pedal-power they find and not get into the roadie vs off-roadie bla bla bla. Some people are kicking it with the Schwin and chrome fenders, others with clip-in shoes. If hills are in the route, take it easy and get off to walk if needed.

  • I don’t have an office, but I do have a bike. And according to Ohio Bike Law, I’ve been doing it wrong. Oops.

    How about we make it Bike to Greater’s Week? I have a lot of experience with that.

  • Tania

    Oh to be lucky enough to be a respectable distance from work. *sigh* To be fair, from where I am…I would have a significant issue getting up the hill here in CLIFFton. It’s difficult enough to walk up it half the time lol.