Central Riverfront Park (CRP) project manager Dave Prather gives an update on the progress being made on phase 1 of the new 45-acre park that will become Cincinnati’s new front yard.

According to park officials, phase 1 of the CRP will include the new Moerlein Lager House restaurant and brewery as well as a plaza of water jets with cascades of water that drop to pools along Mehring Way. There will be a grand stairway with landings at water-filled basins, a glass-floored walkway above a lower level loggia, a shade trellis, informational and interpretive displays, and public restrooms. Also part of the design is an event lawn and stage, a promenade, and within a tree grove, a monument to the Black Brigade, a floral garden and a labyrinth. The park will also feature a bike center and welcome center, and a section of the Ohio River Bike Trail. Phase 1 is targeted to open by the end of April, 2011.