Taking out the trash

Today I was driving north along Jefferson, around 1:40pm, when I looked to my right and saw an overflowing city trash can at the NE corner of Charlton and Jefferson (GoogleMap). There was trash flowing over the edges of the can and spilled all around the ground next to it. At that time I remembered that just a couple weeks ago I saved the phone number for reporting such cases into my cell phone.

I called the number – 513.591.6000 – and reported the situation to a very friendly person on the other end. She asked the location and said she would enter it into the system and have a crew get to it as soon as possible. I later drove back by that trash can about 4 hours later and the problem was solved.

Not only was the trash can cleaned, but so was the previously trashed ground around the can. As a result I would like to thank/commend the City for such great service. It was prompt and thorough and is a service that everyone should take advantage of. City workers only have so many eyes, so a simple phone call to tip them off goes a long way.

Something I have seen and read about before are these solar powered trash cans that automatically compact trash, hold larger amounts and automatically alert workers when cans need to emptied. The Cincinnati Park Board already uses these cans in some of the City’s parks, but it is something that should be examined for high traffic areas around the city. It’s one of those situations where the upfront costs are higher, but is well worth it in the long run. They are attractive, hold more trash, automatically compact the trash (using solar power) and alert City workers when they are approaching a full state effectively preventing any messy situations from happening in the first place.

Lofts at Fountain Square offer space, convenience

I finally got my first look at the nearly complete Lofts at Fountain Square. We all know that the location is second to none as Fountain Square is essentially your front yard and you’re within a stones throw of the region’s most unique shopping, dining and entertainment.

In addition to the location the units are some of the most spacious I have seen in Downtown. The smallest unit starts at 725 square feet with the penthouse unit boasting 2,500 square feet of living space. Most of the units, however, are around 1,500 square feet with several offering skylights and french balconies overlooking Vine Street and Fountain Square. Almost 1/3 of the 18 units have already sold and will have their owners moving in shortly. The remaining units available range from $210,000 – $795,000 (penthouse).

All units come standard with 1 parking space across the street at the Westin Hotel, hardwood floors, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, storage spaces in building, high speed internet access and the always popular 10 year tax abatement.

Segway store coming to Over-the-Rhine

The Gateway Quarter has just signed their latest retail tenant. Segway will be opening up their 6th Ohio location and 2nd Cincinnati area store at 1150 Vine Street (directly across from Park+Vine).

The store will be selling the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) which generally cost around $5,000 – $6,000. The Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD) is a “self-balancing, non-tandem, two-wheeled device that can turn in place, transports only one person, with an electric propulsion system averaging less than one horsepower, and travels less than 12.5 miles per hour.” The ‘green’ transporters produce zero emissions and can travel up to 24 miles on a single charge.

Segways are treated the same as pedestrians and bicyclists and should not be taken on the road with vehicular traffic. You can currently find several police forces around the area using these devices. They generally fit through doorways and are great urban transporters.

The OTR store could be open in as little as 30 days since minor finishes are needed in the new retail spaces created by the Gateway Building. The store will also be renting Segways and offering rent-to-own programs for those looking to buy a Segway. Segway also offers tours with one Cincinnati area tour (PDF) operating in Eden Park. The opening on this OTR store could be the jumpstart for a Segway tour through historic Over-the-Rhine and/or Downtown – stay tuned.

Also be sure to check them out during the Downtown Tour of Living as Segway will have Segway PTs on display and available for test runs at the Gateway Quarter parking lot at 12th & Vine.

Music festivals plentiful as thousands of UC students start classes

Tomorrow tens of thousands of students will return to classes at the University of Cincinnati.  Some of those students have been on a three-month school hiatus possibly traveling, working, or even doing absolutely nothing at all.  Others might have been busy filing their transfer paperwork or readying their applications and social skills for their first introduction to college life.

Each year this week comes along and each year it seems to bring with it the endless possibilities of the academic year to come.  The frisbees come out, political demonstrations and engagement activities begin, and the first groans over the cost of textbooks are heard.  This year is no different, but in addition to this, the first week of classes is also well known for its host of social activities.

Tomorrow UC students will be greeted with the Launch Music Festival presented by Bearcast Radio and 51three (new Cincinnati urban lifestyle magazine).  The day-long Indie festival will feature a diverse collection of local and regional independent artists.  There will be different artists hourly from noon – 7pm, and will also have several artists that will also be performing at this week’s MidPoint Music Festival.

On Friday there will be the 7th annual Bearcat Live! concert.  This free concert starts at 7pm on UC’s Sigma Sigma Commons will feature We the Living, July for Kings and headliner Blessid Union of Souls.  Both Launch Music Festival and Bearcat Live! are free events to the UC community.

Also starting on Thursday and running through Saturday is the highly anticipated MPMF that will feature three days of Indie music at a number of Downtown venues.  So while everyone is getting serious about their studies be sure to take advantage of the many music opportunities for you this week.

OTR – Blogger Tour of Living

This past Saturday UrbanCincy and the fine folks from the Gateway Quarter put together a second Blogger Tour of Living. The idea was to give some of the bloggers a taste for what is coming up on this weekend’s Downtown Tour of Living, as well as, wet everyone’s appetite for what is coming down the road.

The turnout was great, the weather was even better. Plus we had Oktoberfest going on just a few blocks to the south of us, and a Bearcat football game just a little bit to the north of us that night (would have been great to have been able to hop on the streetcar and go from spot to spot). A couple of the developers, real estate people and investors were also on hand to answer questions and meet some of Cincinnati’s great bloggers.

We were able to go in to a couple of buildings (Good Fellows Hall, Trideca) that are putting on the finishing touches for this weekends big tour. We also got to see the City Home project on Pleasant, Trinity Flats at 14th & Vine, two projects at 13th & Republic, and another project on north Main Street. You can view/comment on all of my photos here, or simply let the slideshow roll through below.

The Downtown Tour of Living (brochure, 5mb) is Saturday, September 27th from noon to 5pm and will boast 15 sites throughout Downtown (8) and Over-the-Rhine (7). Tickets are $15 per person and are available in advance, as well as, on the day of the event at Fountain Square and Central Parkway & Vine Streets. You can also purchase tickets at any Downtown US Bank branch location.