IKEA Cincinnati!

It’s official…IKEA has announced the opening day for their new Cincinnati area store. Clear your calendars for March 12th, and get a good nights sleep…the store opens at 9am.

OHIKEA has been keeping tabs on all things related to the Cincinnati store and has the press release available for viewing. At OHIKEA you can get more information about employment opportunities and everything else juicy that you may or may not want to know.


Cincinnati film festival?

As with many other things in Cincinnati lately…things are starting to heat up for a “major film festival” in Cincinnati. CityBeat had a fantastic article about this very subject last week, and it has since stirred some interest on the topic.

Mayor Mark Mallory has commented on the issue and said, “Let me tell you, I am very interested in that concept. We have a very rich film industry in the city of Cincinnati, considering we are not L.A., Chicago or New York.” He goes on to say that CityBeat’s reference of it only costing $120,ooo, “doesn’t seem like a lot of money to me.”

So what do you think…is Cincinnati capable of hosting a major film festival here? CityBeat highlighted the many niche film festivals that are already prevalent in Cincinnati. It seems as though our arts community is capable enough, but do we have that extra umph to make it happen? Furthermore, what could a marque event like this do for Cincinnati’s image nationwide? Sure we’ve got fantastics arts here, and they are supported well…but it doesn’t seem like all that many people know it. Could an event like this put Cincy on the radar of young professionals, and thus enlighten them to everything else Cincinnati has to offer?

External Links:
Cincinnati World Cinema
Cincinnati Film Commission


Experience the holidays Downtown

Well there’s tons to do Downtown this holiday season as there is every year. There is the ice rink, the best Santa in the region, train display, free horse-drawn carriage rides, free trolley rides, live music all over the place and TONS of great restaurants. There is also a new Downtown Visitors Center set up in the lobby adjacent to Joseph A. Banks.

In addition to the new information center, there are a couple of other new things this holiday season. There is the new Downtown Gift Card which is valid at over 100 places Downtown. This can be purchased online (at DCI’s website) or at the new Visitors Center. There is also a new Rookwood Pottery Commemorative Plaque. This too can be purchased at the Visitors Center or at Macy’s Fountain Place. You can find more information HERE regarding both items and the details for each.

There is also a great Holiday Guide for everything going on Downtown this holiday season. It includes specific details for everything you’ll want to cover this year. You can also find a list, with details, of all the highlights of things going on Downtown…and if you’re visiting and need something to do; check out some of the Downtown Itineraries.

External Links:
Downtown Cincinnati Inc.
Fountain Square
Downtown Holiday Photos (by me)


Oktoberfest Zinzinnati: 2007

Ah…yes, Oktoberfest is back. Everyone’s favorite German festival is about to kick off this weekend. Get ready for bratwurst, bier, wiener schnitzel…oh and did I say bier? This is all part of Cincinnati USA’s larger Zinful Weekend.

But, back to the main event…Oktoberfest. This is the second largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world (outside of the original in Munich). The weekend event will attract around 500,000 people and take place in the core of Downtown Cincinnati. Here are some of the details, and for any other information you can check out the event website.

When: Event: Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007, 11 a.m.-midnight; Sunday, Sept. 23, 2007, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Where: On 6 blocks of Fifth Street; from Race Street to Broadway in Downtown Zinzinnati.


2Q State of Downtown Report

I don’t know how many of you get the quarterly emails from Downtown Cincinnati Inc. (DCI), but I do…and I am obsessed with the quarterly reports that they put out on the state of Downtown Cincinnati. No fluff…no shenanigans, just facts. If you would like to receive the quarterly emails as well just let them know. From here though I am going to highlight some of what I think are the most important numbers/pieces of information from the 2Q report:

  • The CBD/immediate periphery saw 44 condo sales and 9 single family home sales in the 2Q, selling for a median price of $279,032 and $228,000 respectively.
  • 10 new retail establishments opened (including bars/clubs) while 8 retail establishments closed…but in all honesty, a good chuck of the businesses that closed had other issues not related to downtown.
  • Downtown hotels continue to boast the best occupancy rates in the region (62.6%) and also saw the largest increase in occupied rooms over 2006 (+3.4%). Downtown hotels also boast the highest cost per room ($126.12) and accordingly the highest revenue per room($79.00) in the region.
  • Part 1 crimes (more serious crimes) are down 11.4% and Part 2 crimes (quality of life crimes) are down 16.1% over the numbers from the same time period for 2006.
  • DCI Ambassadors assisted 13,858 pedestrians, removed 23,740 lbs of trash, addressed 3,019 instances of panhandling, removed 513 graffiti tags and distributed 3,800 Go To Town Guides.

As for development…there is either proposed or under construction:

  • 4,877,160 sq. ft. of space
  • 2,641 residential units
  • 13,800 parking spaces
  • For a grand total of $1,450,300,000 in total investments.