Downtown’s image improving

Downtown Cincinnati Inc. (DCI) has recently kicked off a $1 million marketing campaign aimed at improving the image of Downtown Cincinnati. It seems to be already that the affects of new restaurants, shops, bars/clubs, and increased activity all over Downtown are improving the neighborhood’s image.

In UrbanCincy’s monthly poll for August 2008 the question was posed: “How have your perceptions of Downtown changed over recent months?” The results were clear and the message is loud and clear that the perception of Downtown is in fact improving. Nearly 350 votes were cast, with roughly 46% of the repsondents selecting the ‘greatly improved’ option. Another 39% said that their perception, of Downtown, was ‘somewhat improved.’

I grouped the 5 selections into 3 categories for this chart

The efforts of political and community leaders have yielded great results thus far. Results that are starting to settle in with people across the region. There are those who still do not recognize the progress that has been made, and this is what DCI’s marketing campaign will need to touch on. Those of us who know Downtown, know that things have improved significantly over the past 5 years. Things look like they are poised to continue to get better, and with time, perceptions will continue to change.


Point A to Point B – How UrbanCincy readers get to work

Not a big surprise here from July’s poll. The majority of UrbanCincy readers commute to work by car (47% of 327 total respondents). A strong response came from those who walk and/or bike to work, as well as those riding the bus for their means of transportation. Combined those two categories made up for roughly 32% of the total responses.

That actually is a better breakdown than I expected, and to top it all off there were 14% of you who selected the ‘insert rail here’ option. So if you really break it down as car vs. alternative transportation then there was actually a pretty decent response. The comparison would then be 47% (156 total votes) to 46% (155 total votes).

How did you vote, why did you vote the way you did? Most importantly what do you see as an important tool to help tip the scales even further and get people out of their cars? I think the streetcar is an important first step that will further reduce the need for an automobile in the urban core. For commuting purposes light rail needs to be considered again, and soon.


UrbanCincy readers are excited about streetcars

The June poll results are in…and it was a clear/decisive victory for streetcars (YouTube video about modern streetcars). The question was, “what are you most excited about over the next few years?” And phase 1 of the proposed streetcar system (141 votes) nearly tripled the amount of votes casted for the second place finisher (The Banks phase 1a – 53 votes), and tallied one more vote than the other four options combine.

I voted for the streetcar option for a pretty simple reason. It is something that helps make many of those other options (i.e. The Banks, OTR progress) more feasible and helps to spur more good things to come (i.e. future Queen City Squares). It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

So, why did the other 279 voters vote the way they did, and most importantly, what are you going to do to help make them happen?

Image from Dewi’s Trains, Trams & Trolleys

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Christian Moerlein favorite local beer

Well the results of April’s poll aren’t even close. UrbanCincy readers clearly favor Christian Moerlein which claimed 62% (146 total) of the votes. Mt. Carmel took second place with 17% (41 total) with Sam Adams, Hudy Delight, and ‘Nati Light rounding out the list.

I voted for Christian Moerlein but this certainly pained me because I absolutely love Mt. Carmel. The connections with Over-the-Rhine are what eventually put Christian Moerlein over the top for me.

Of the locals I rank my top three beers as:
1. Mt. Carmel Copper
2. Christian Moerlein OTR Ale
3. Christian Moerlein Barbarossa
4. Mt. Carmel Stout (honorable mention)



As you have probably seen, the results for March’s poll are in…and they are clearly skewed towards one end of the spectrum. Of the 125 total votes 64% of the respondents said that they only ride Metro a few times a month or never at all.

Due to what I thought was the readership of this site, I found this somewhat surprising, but then after further thought not so much. For full disclosure I must say that I selected the ‘couple times a week’ option. Once I move though that response will most certainly change to a daily ridership as I plan to get rid of my car entirely.

So what’s your story…do you ride often or not so much. And in either case, what’s the rationale? Is it an inconvenience, not your style, or do you really love and/or hate riding the bus? Do tell.