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Metropolitan areas at the heart of America’s emerging majority-minority population

Metropolitan areas at the heart of America’s emerging majority-minority population.

New Census data shows that the United States is well on its way to becoming a majority-minority population in the near future. In Ohio, only the Cleveland metropolitan region has more than half of those five-years-old or younger coming from a minority background, but Cincinnati and Columbus are also hoovering around the 50 percent mark. More from Atlantic Cities:

“Most of the largest metropolitan areas have already passed the minority-majority population threshold for their young populations. Indeed, 36 of the top 50 metros are in this group. Only one of the top 10, Boston, is below that threshold, with just about 34 percent of its under 5 population representing at least one minority…Many metros are far beyond the 50 percent mark, and eight metros are above 75 percent.”

By Randy A. Simes

Randy is an award-winning urban planner who founded UrbanCincy in May 2007. He grew up on Cincinnati’s west side in Covedale, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s nationally acclaimed School of Planning in June 2009. In addition to maintaining ownership and serving as the managing editor for UrbanCincy, Randy has worked professionally as a planning consultant throughout the United States, Korea and the Middle East. After brief stints in Atlanta and Chicago, he currently lives in the Daechi neighborhood of Seoul’s Gangnam district.