What the ‘outsiders’ are saying

Just recently there have been three wonderful write-ups about what is happening in Cincinnati by out of town newspapers and magazines. One from the Big Apple, one reminding folks that they don’t have to go to the Big Apple to enjoy a thriving arts scene, and finally one praising Cincinnati for its urban structure, parks, and access to other great outdoor activities.

The article from The New York Times has made the rounds but is worth a second look. While it mentions a few of the more fun areas in town, it should be recognized that they started with Spring Grove Cemetery which is an often overlooked local jewel. The nice part about the article is that they hit Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport and recognized how all three pieces fit together. They also make special mention of the Southgate House which is booking a tremendous amount of high quality shows these days.

“Colorful Sunrise” by ChrisIrmo on Flickr

With such high praise from the New York Times, it was easy to overlook this article from the Lexington Herald. With a special focus on our thriving and extraordinarily diverse arts scene featuring visits ranging from the Taft Museum to the wonderful Contemporary Arts Center we should see art buffs cruising up I75 the rest of the summer.

And finally, this week Outside Magazine came out with rankings of their 10 best cities in America, and guess who was number nine?! Yep, Cincinnati! Right there among Austin, Portland, Atlanta, and others is our little city that could. Why? Among other reasons: architecture, a walkable urban core, great parks, the possibility of streetcar addition, and the fact that Cincy is the gateway to many natural escapes.

So let’s see, the New Yorkers like us for being Midwestern with an artsy flair. The mid westerners like us for being like New York. And folks that want to spend time outside and being active like us because we support that culture and have are close to many great getaways. Talk about having a little bit of something for everyone! Clearly, many outsiders believe in the developments that have occurred over the last few years here. Now, all we need to do is convince the insiders.