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New, Expanded Services from 321-RIDE to Heat Up Already Hot Ridesharing Market

Uber and Lyft aren't the only non-traditional taxi or chauffeur services in town. Locally-based 321-RIDE has been operating since 2007 with limited service, but is currently in the midst of expansion.

Uber Officials Credit Cincinnati’s Urban Revival, Tech Scene for their Arrival

The arrival of Uber has sent shock waves throughout Cincinnati's taxi and limousine industries. But the tech company is unfazed and credits the city's urban revival and tech scene for its entrance into the market.

Uber and Lyft to Soon Enter Cincinnati Market

Lyft and Uber - two fiercely technology focused ridesharing companies - will soon enter the Cincinnati market. What will it mean for the local taxicab industry?

One Transit App to Rule Them All

One Transit App to Rule Them All As more people are turning to smartphones to help guide them around cities, app makers are looking into...