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New Downtown Coworking Space More Than Just A Number

Tamara Schwarting, founder and CEO of 1628 is positioning the space to go beyond the typical definition of coworking. The venture out of a desire to run her own business, TLS Consulting Group in a space other than her home or a coffee shop.

Collection of Young Entrepreneurs Open First-of-its-Kind Coworking Space in Over-the-Rhine

A group of young professionals who have all launched businesses in the last year have collaborated on a new coworking space where they're hoping other enthusiastic entrepreneurs will join them.

MOVE Coworking Aims to Offer Non-Traditional Workers Healthy, Active Workspace

Ryan Meo and Patrick Hitches will open a coworking space in the West End's Brighton District later this month. The two are taking a different approach and hoping MOVE Coworking will fare better than its predecessors.

Are pay-per-minute cafes the next generation of coworking spaces?

Are pay-per-minute cafes the next generation of coworking spaces?. Cincinnati has seen its ups and downs with coworking spaces, including our favorite but now closed...