PHOTOS: The Vertical Expansion and Rebirth of Uptown

Last week we profiled a number of large-scale building projects uptown that illustrate the expanding reach of development occurring in the area. These projects, of course, are not at all exhaustive of the number of projects recently completed, underway or in pre-development right now.

In addition to those, there is the $86 million renovation and expansion of UC’s historic Nippert Stadium, 190-unit apartment midrise in Clifton Heights, the $35 million rebuild of Scioto Hall, and the $45 million rebuild of UC’s Teachers College; and while not technically a part of uptown, the nearby $9 million Trevarren Flats is moving along in Walnut Hills as well.

In addition to all that, the transformation of Short Vine continues with several historic building renovation projects underway.

EDITORIAL NOTE: All 16 photographs in this gallery were taken by Jake Mecklenborg for UrbanCincy in April 2015.

  • David Thomas

    Does Mio’s of Clifton realize they’re in Coryville?

    • EDG

      Details like that don’t matter to students and Clifton has a nicer ring to it.
      Taste of Belgium does the same thing and should know better.

    • charles ross

      Long standing tradition in the ‘nati of calling anything adjacent to UC “Clifton”. Not any more of a problem than saying you’re from “Cincinnati” when you’re really from Norwood, Fort Mitchell or North College Hill.

  • charles ross

    Let’s not forget “The Hole”! The Glencoe area is getting some activity by the Uptown Rentals people.

    • Neil Clingerman

      Though it probably should have been restored, what was there is was unique and now forever lost.

  • John Schneider

    It’s not just the buildings. How about the vertical expansion of the I-75 Hopple Street interchange?

    • matimal

      Cincinnati doesn’t belong to Cincinnatians, It belongs to those who use it.

  • EDG

    Good thing the CUF NIMBYs were able to knock off two stories and add 100 parking spaces to the Christy’s and Lenhard’s project. That should really make a difference, lol.

    • matimal

      for the worse.