Bunbury Music Festival impresses in year one

Cincinnati has been left without a noteworthy summer rock festival since Desdemona ended and never returned in 2006. That was until Bunbury entered the scene July 13-15. The music festival went up against an impressive array of local events and two well-established rock festivals nearby in Louisville and Chicago. More from Each Note Secure:

Regardless of Bunbury’s minor hiccups, I was blown away by the size, organization, and turnout of the festival. The festival pulled in 55,000 people in its first year, which is mighty impressive considering it shared dates with two other musical festivals that have been around since 2002 and 2005 respectively…Bunbury haters will continue to balk over the lineup (there’s always Midpoint!), but I was impressed that the festival was able to draw a wide range of folks, from older fans of GBV and Jane’s Addiction to the younger fans who came out for Neon Trees.

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  • If this is the best we have to offer we’re in sad shape.

    • I don’t think it’s the best Cincinnati has to offer, and I don’t know that anyone has made that claim either. In fact, most people seemed to be critical of band selection, but were very complimentary of the event’s organization and overall execution.

      Personally, I was surprised with the attendance for Bunbury in its first year of existence. Not only was it new, but it was also going up against the Reds and World Choir Games in Cincinnati, and two more established music festivals in Louisville and Chicago. Let’s hope that they build upon some of this initial success and improve in the areas where they didn’t cut the snuff.

  • For a first year festival, I was very, very impressed by the band lineup. I hadn’t even heard this criticism from the numerous people that I have talked to about Bunburry. I’m very excited for next year.