Google updates aerial imagery of Cincinnati region

Google has updated its aerial imagery for several major cities throughout the United States including Portland, Washington, D.C., and Cincinnati.  The new imagery appears to have been taken over the summer.  Observers in the nation’s capital have been able to narrow it down to as precise as Sunday, August 29 between 1:00pm and 1:35pm.

Like many other cities around the country, the new aerial imagery for Cincinnati illustrates much of what has changed over recent years.  New construction projects are visibly taking place while others have been completed or are nearing completion in their aerials.  In addition to capturing the changing urban landscape in Cincinnati, the new imagery is also much crisper than previous versions.

Below is a sampling of 20 sites around the city that illustrate the aforementioned changes.  Enjoy!

  • Definitely July or August of this year. There was a lift in the gravel parking lot north of Washington Park for a month or two this summer, and it is in the aerial, but it is before they fenced-off the park for archeological digging August 20th.

  • Melancholic

    There exists functionality in Google Earth that allows users to view historical imagery. Click the time clock icon on the toolbar. Latest images of Cinci: 7/1/10. Earliest available (black & white): 4/9/93.

  • nick

    I can confirm July 1st, as I can see myself on my deck assembling patio furniture! I have large cardboard boxes that were only laying out there from 1 – 4pm.

  • Thanks, that’s amazing Nick.

  • Incredible detail, you can see all the cigar butts I’ve thrown into the gravel lot opposite my Parker Flats condo.