On Wednesday, August 18 you will be able to listen to yours truly on the radio from 5pm to 6pm on WVQC, 95.7 FM. I will be the featured guest on the weekly Queen City Awesome radio show hosted by Pat Feghali. During the show, Pat and I will be discussing a variety of topics including sustainable transport, green design, and even urban gardening.

Like other Queen City Awesome broadcasts, Pat and I will also discuss some music, and I will share a brief selection of some of my favorite Cincinnati-area artists including The National, Lions Rampant, Wussy, The Seedy Seeds, and Hi-Tek (sample below).

WVQC has recently returned to the 95.7 FM airwaves after an antenna problem that briefly kept the station to Internet only broadcasts on WVQC.org. Launched in early 2010, WVQC is run by Media Bridges which also operates four of the city’s public access television channels and the Internet radio station for WVQC called The Bridge.

Due to the low-power frequency, WVQC can only be heard on 95.7 FM within three to five miles of the station’s Over-the-Rhine location at Race Street and Central Parkway. Those outside the immediate listening area are encouraged to tune in online.

The show will air live on Wednesday, August 18 from 5pm to 6pm, and will air again on Thursday, August 19 at noon. Stay up-to-speed on the Queen City Awesome radio show by following its Twitter account @QueenCtyAwesome, or by becoming a fan on Facebook.