City adding bike lanes to Central Parkway, Spring Grove Avenue, Linn Street

As summer draws to a close, Cincinnati city officials will be installing several miles of new dedicated bike lanes and sharrows. According to the Cincinnati Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE), crews have already introduced bike lane symbols along Spring Grove Avenue, between Crawford Avenue and Mitchell Avenue, and will be completing the separation line later this week.

Other city streets to be improved later this summer include Central Parkway, between Brighton Place and Hopple Street, and Linn Street from W. 6th Street to Gest Street.  In total, the projects account for approximately two-and-a-half miles of new bicycle facilities.

“We know that Spring Grove Avenue is already a major bicycling corridor, and we hope that the addition of bicycle lanes will encourage even more people to try using a bicycle for casual trips,” said Curtis Hines, Spring Grove Avenue project manager.

According to Hines, the timing is perfect as all of the streets receiving the new bike lanes and sharrows were already scheduled for routine maintenance work.

“We’re committed to building streets with all users in mind, so we plan to continue incorporating bike lanes in as many street improvement projects as possible.”

The new bike lanes and sharrows come shortly after Cincinnati City Council approved dramatic new bicycle policies that include new safety regulations, parking requirements, and a comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan that calls for 445 miles of on- and off-street bicycle facilities to be installed by 2025.

  • The bike lanes on Linn extend from Dalton to Gest, and is southbound only. Traffic congests in that direction almost daily, and having a dedicated separation for bikes makes it simple to go from Spring Grove towards the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge without having to interfere with traffic (at least in this portion).

    Traffic going northbound on that portion of Linn never queues, which explains why they didn’t stripe the lane.

  • My sources at the City’s DOTE informed me that the summer bike lane/sharrow projects are as follows:

    -Spring Grove Avenue (Bike lanes: Crawford Avenue to Winton Road; Sharrows: Winton Road to Mitchell Avenue)
    -Central Parkway (Bike lanes: Brighton Place to Western Hills Viaduct; Sharrows: Western Hills Viaduct to Hopple Street – southbound only)
    -Linn Street (Bike lanes: W 6th Street to Gest Street)

    The embedded map shows exactly this. The early striping will surely develop as the projects move forward.

  • Carlton Farmer

    Cool. I work very close to that section of Linn Street. It strikes be as odd, being so short a short distance. I guess that road must have been already scheduled for some maintenance.

  • Thanks for the map correction Randy.

    Another note that I have an issue with is that bike lanes do not extend along Central Parkway to Liberty, which is the southern-most extent of their repaving efforts. It receives a lot of bicycle usage, but I suspect that the on-street parking usage is high enough to not justify the removal of the meters.

  • Scott Griffith

    Heck yeah! Central is my Sunday route!

  • Well, they already removed all but one meter on Central Parkway, westbound between Main and Walnut. But I think this has more to do with future installation of smart pay machines.