Take a mini-tour of UC’s dramatic architecture and urban campus

The campus of the University of Cincinnati has been called one of the most dynamic urban campuses in the world, and recently named one of the world’s most beautiful campuses by Forbes Magazine.  Stunning architecture is met by dramatic urban spaces in the heart of Uptown Cincinnati, and it can all be seen in this video produced by Soapbox Cincinnati.

“There are at least a dozen buildings designed by world-renowned architects in partnership with local architects,” said Michaele Pride, Director, School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati.  “The highest concentration of these special buildings align with what is now known as Main Street in the center of campus.”

  • That’s great. There’s a lot of significant architecture on the UC campus, but I really do wish that it were a bit more integrated into the surrounding neighborhoods. UC’s “Main Street” is sort of a privatized simulacrum of what a Main Street is supposed to be, isn’t it?

  • My dream is to have the Cincinnati Streetcar weave through the middle of UC’s campus right down through Main Street. It would open it up to the public a bit more, which might be frowned upon by the university, and it would add a really interesting urban dynamic to the heart of campus. Plus it would inject high-quality transit into the middle of campus where it is otherwise not accessible.