Xavier University is in the midst of a building boom. New buildings are rising that will continue the transformation the university’s main campus. Work has been ongoing for some time and most is expected to be complete for the next academic year.

At the corner of Ledgewood and Dana, there is a new 88,000 square-foot building being erected for the Williams College of Business. Xavier will take possession of the building from the construction crews this month. It will be ready for students by August, the beginning of the next academic year.

Nearby the 84,000 square-foot Conaton Learning Commons is rising, and is a multi-use facility uniquely suited to the modern student’s need of a flexible space packed with technology. It too will be ready when the students come this August.

Further down Ledgewood Avenue, which is sporting a new median and roundabout, a new 240,000 square-foot dormitory and dining complex is currently under construction as part of the Hoff Academic Quad. These buildings, which currently have two huge cranes towering above them, still require about a year before completion but will eventually house and feed hundreds of Xavier students.